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WWE 205 Live results: Cedric Alexander vs. Roderick Strong

Drew Gulak's quarterfinal victory over Mark Andrews and his renewed vicious streak were shown to start the episode, along with Mustafa Ali's big win over Buddy Murphy. Sadly, Ali's excellent promo before the match wasn't shown.

The Cruiserweight Championship tournament continues with Cedric Alexander vs. Roderick Strong on this week's episode, and their semifinal match was hyped up with dueling promos and showing off each wrestler's usage of backbreakers to end matches.

Akira Tozawa came down to team with Hideo Itami against the Lucha House Party, which was built up on social media today.

Akira Tozawa & Hideo Itami defeated Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado

Tozawa and Dorado battled on the mat briefly before a stalemate. Dorado knocked him down and flipped over him before a dropdown got one. They did a stereo dropkick before catching one another's foot off a kick. Tozawa ate a double hip toss and a kick to the chest and back for one.

Tozawa hit a snap rana on Metalik and brought Itami in. Metalik hit a springing arm drag before Dorado came in, with them landing a double dropkick and a standing moonsault for two.

Dorado used a Caristico-esque running rana and landed on his feet. Itami kicked his chest in for his troubles and connected with a running boot to the jaw. Tozawa then came in to chop away. Nigel McGuinness talked about how Itami and Tozawa have bonded because, while they were in different companies in Japan, the Japanese training style taught them respect.

Itami booted Dorado and hit a knee to his jaw. Tozawa and Itami then hit stereo knees and kicks to Dorado before a missile dropkick connected and got two. Metalik entered and used a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and a bulldog version of a slingblade. Dorado jumped off Metalik's back onto Tozawa on the floor, but Metalik missed a double stomp and tweaked his knee, which Itami kicked before hitting a weird neckbreaker into a codebreaker combo to win.

Dorado shoved Itami and their partners prevented a brawl.

Strong talked about coming to WWE and opening his world up to the company right away.

Drake Maverick entered with a new tron and theme song to do commentary for the next match. Jack Gallagher came down to face a jobber. Maverick said that he wanted to see Gallagher better himself -- he felt Gallagher was championship material, but he was held back by his gimmicks.

Jack Gallagher defeated Murphy Myers

Gallagher bullied him into the rope before staring him down, snatching his fingers, and slamming him down. He caught Myers in a fireman's carry and tossed him into the ropes before bowling him over. Gallagher spun his arm down and put the boots to him.

Gallagher took too long to get in the ring and ate a kick from Murphy, but Gallagher trapped him in the ring skirt and kicked away before headbutting him senseless and winning. The headbutt is his most visually-impressive move and it makes perfect sense to have it as a finish now.

Alexander's rise in WWE through the Cruiserweight Classic and his progress in this Cruiserweight title tournament were shown.

Ali talked about how when he was younger, a friend of his encountered a bully and he let it stand. Last week, he couldn't let that happen again to Mark Andrews. Ali is seriously making himself a star off of two straight weeks of incredible promos.

Cedric Alexander defeated Roderick Strong in a Cruiserweight Championship tournament semifinal match

Strong got a quick one count off a cradle, then they exchanged mat work. Strong avoided a handstand headscissors, but he was hit with a dropkick. Alexander ate the turnbuckle after Strong tripped him up. Strong hit a series of stomps on the mat. He got two off a butterfly suplex and applied a grounded abdominal stretch on Alexander.

Strong landed a dropkick to counter an Alexander springboard for two. Strong went chest-first into the buckle, giving Alexander a moment to breathe. Strong took a boot and a big uppercut before punting him against the buckle. Alexander hit a springboard cutter. Strong rolled out -- only to be hit with  a flip dive. Alexander then got a near fall off a tilt-a-whirl Michinoku Driver! 

Alexander jumped into a possible backbreaker, but he turned it into a crucifix for two. Strong got a two count of his own with a backbreaker. Alexander avoided the Angle slam and landed the Neuralizer. He hit the Lumbar Check, but it only got a near fall thanks to Strong grabbing the ropes!

Strong put him in a torture rack on the apron and slammed his back into the ring connector. Alexander was on the floor for a 9.5 count, barely making it back into the ring. Strong landed a jumping knee and went up for a superplex, but it only got two. A "This is awesome" chant broke out as Strong tried to lift Alexander up, but he was dead weight.

Strong landed a series of elbows and avoided a back elbow, and then used a jumping knee before hitting the End of Heartache for 2.9 as Alexander got the ropes! Alexander then landed a back elbow out of nowhere to send both men down.

They were each lying prone as McGuinness talked this up, saying each man has very little left in the tank, so they have to make every move count. A Frye-Takayama exchange led to Strong avoiding a Lumbar Check, but Alexander countered the End of Heartache with a small package to win it.

This was an outstanding match, and the best one of the tournament so far. Strong left while Alexander looked happy -- but also sad for Strong before breaking down in tears. Dasha Fuentes interviewed him, but before he could speak, he got a "You deserve it" chant.

Alexander said he's earned it. He talked about how his daughter calls him a champion every morning, and he'll leave WrestleMania a champion in WWE. This was an incredible night for Alexander, and he could easily steal the show at WrestleMania.