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WWE 205 Live results: Chad Gable vs. Jack Gallagher

Cruiserweight Champion Drew Gulak retaining against Tony Nese at Extreme Rules was recapped to start things off.

Gulak said that 205 Live was hurt by Nese as champion since he couldn't lead a division, and any doubts Nese had about him have been erased. Gulak's grip on the title is greater with each passing day. Anyone who challenges him will suffer.

This was a fantastic promo and it's a shame that this act is only on 205 Live because you could put Gulak with this presentation on top of an NXT TakeOver with ease. With Matt Riddle being able to be put in any title mix whenever, I would have Gulak vs. Riddle on a TakeOver at some point.

Akira Tozawa defeated Samir Singh

Samir jumped him and kicked away in the corner. He got a long chinlock, but Tozawa hit the fireman's carry facebuster and a shining dropkick sent Samir to the floor before he ate a cannonball off the apron.

Sunil Singh tried to distract Tozawa, but Brian Kendrick nixed that. Samir charged in -- only to eat the buckle, then a sunset flip got Tozawa the win.

The Singhs beat up both Tozawa and Kendrick after the match briefly, but Kendrick helped Tozawa and they stood tall and stole Samir & Sunil's Bollywood award.

Humberto Carrillo's hype video talked about him having sports entertainment in his DNA several times. The sound bytes focused on Aiden English talking about how athletic and good looking Carrillo is. So, at the end of this personality profile, we know that Carrillo's family was in wrestling -- but we don't know the full extent of it, and he's got great dimples and flies around.

The idea of doing a profile on Carrillo was good because he desperately needed it, but they didn't go beyond the surface level with it and it accomplished very little of what a piece like this is designed to do. There was no reason given to care about the character.

Mike Kanellis entered without Maria, who looked on backstage at a 90 degree angle, as you do.

Mike Kanellis defeated Jackson James

Mike chopped the crap out of James in the corner and landed a nice spinebuster. Mike hit a slick corner lariat, then finished the match with Cross Rhodes. He attacked James after the match and called out Drake Maverick.

Maverick came down and didn't check on poor Jackson James. Mike told Maverick that he could've gone anywhere, but he stayed in WWE. He said he did that because of two things: to show Maria that he's as good as he says he is by becoming the Cruiserweight Champion -- and because he wants to kick Maverick's ass.

Maverick, in a superhero-laden dress shirt, told Mike that he should blame himself for all of his failures. Mike and Maverick insulted one another over being booked to look like idiots on Raw. Mike called Maverick a joke, then Maverick told him that he isn't one and neither is Mike. Mike insulted Maverick's wife, which led to Maverick slugging him and sending him out of the ring with a dropkick.

Oney Lorcan vs. Ariya Daivari from last week was recapped and then we saw the countout finish of Chad Gable defeating Jack Gallagher before their rematch in tonight's main event.

Chad Gable defeated Jack Gallagher

Gable outworked Gallagher on the mat before Gallagher started working on the arm and gained the upper hand. Gable asked for a handshake and used it as a way to sucker him in for a takedown.

Gable got two off a cradle out of a short-arm scissors. Gable turned it into a Backlund lift and a back suplex. He tossed Gallagher into the buckle for a strong two count. Gable worked on the leg and got a dragon screw and a long standing half crab. Gallagher recovered and hit a dropkick before raining down with a series of forearms.

A running punch took Gable down before the long vertical suplex let Gallagher showcase his strength. Gable got low-bridged and Gallagher hit a running forearm before rolling outside and slamming Gable into the barricade.

Gallagher went for a suicide dive, but he overshot it and Gable makeshift tossed him into the barricade before landing an overhead belly-to-belly on the floor. They did a tease of the first match's finish before coming in and Gallagher got two off a cradle. Gable got an ankle lock and a kneebar that Gallagher escaped with a series of slick hammer fists.

They got into a kneeling forearm exchange before Gallagher got caught in the corner and ate a falling dominator for two. Gable went for a moonsault, but he ate the feet off a counter and then a corner dropkick that only got two due to Gable getting his foot on the rope.

Gallagher wanted a super back suplex, but Gable avoided it and hit the Chaos Theory to win this show-stealing main event. Gable and Gallagher shook hands and Gallagher bowed his head and left.