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WWE 205 Live results: Contract signing, no DQ match

Ahead of their no disqualification match, the issues between Noam Dar and Tony Nese were recapped -- including their parking lot brawl and Nese being quickly reinstated from an indefinite suspension.

We'll get a contract signing tonight for Buddy Murphy and Akira Tozawa's Cruiserweight Championship match at Sunday's Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.

Lince Dorado came out with his buddies, and Kalisto talked about loving Toledo and it being the perfect place for a Lucha House Party. This got them a great reaction until they threatened a song. Jack Gallagher's theme music interrupted them.

Jack Gallagher defeated Lince Dorado

Drew Gulak hopped on commentary and called Tozawa annoying, but he said Tozawa is a threat to Murphy's title.

Dorado landed a run-up flying arm drag. He got two after a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Gallagher trapped him in the corner with a reverse tree-of-woe and slugged the back a few times. Gallagher worked away with a kneeling surfboard and kneed Dorado in the face after an escape.

Gallagher got an abdominal stretch, but Dorado countered it into a hip toss over the top rope. Dorado hit a spinning heel kick and Gulak ranted about leaving the ground. Dorado's moonsault combo was turned into a powerbomb and a half crab by Gallagher.

Gallagher landed the headbutt, but it knocked both men down. Gallagher missed the corner dropkick and the Golden Rewind got two. Dorado set him up top for an avalanche rana, but Gallagher rolled through it with a sunset flip to win.

Gulak and Gallagher celebrated, with Gulak sending a message to Humberto Carrillo by telling him that he could be part of their group.

Carrillo did an interview backstage. He said he feels fortunate to have Gulak and Gallagher wanting him on their side, and he owes it to himself to at least listen to two of the best people on the roster if they want to make him better.

Ariya Daivari said he didn't come here to be a sidekick or a mouthpiece. He's here to do more than collect money and the miles -- he's going to get the belt.

Mike Kanellis talked about it taking 16 years for him to be an overnight sensation and make it to WWE, and he didn't work that hard to lose to Kalisto and Brian Kendrick. Maria Kanellis said that the process matters more -- his losses equal learning and every loss is a step closer to success. And everywhere they've gone, they've been successful.

Noam Dar entered, followed by Tony Nese in his Hiroshi Tanahashi-esque gear that shows off his abs. Nese ran down to immediately attack Dar.

Tony Nese defeated Noam Dar in a no DQ match

Dar attacked Nese back and they brawled on the floor. Dar atomic dropped him on the barricade and used the steps to hit a crotched lariat akin to Nigel McGuinness. Nese's fingers got worked over, but he recovered and posted Dar.

Nese set up a chair and landed a few knees before draping Dar's head on it and hitting a springboard moonsault for two. A slam on a chair got two as well. Dar reached for the chair before getting slapped away by Nese. Nese went for a kick but got dragon screwed. Dar landed a corner exploder for two.

Dar set up a ton of chairs on the floor and backdropped Nese onto them. Dar locked on a Tequila Sunrise before Nese grabbed the fingers and worked them over. A Michinoku driver on the chair got two. A back-and-forth elbow exchange hit before Nese landed a running elbow strike. 

Nese went for another one, but Dar got a chair up and then locked Nese's arm into it for a Fujiwara armbar using the chair for leverage. Nese set up a steel stair base but got sent into it. Dar locked on an armbar on the apron, but Nese hit a Rampage powerbomb onto the base of the steps on the floor.

Nese was armbarred on the steps again, but he landed another Rampage bomb and sent Dar through the announce table.

Dar got a flash victory roll for two. The Running Nese missed, with Dar sending him down and double stomping the knee before getting an ankle lock. He transitioned into a kneebar before Nese hit a chair shot on the ribs. They went to the floor, and he landed another one to the knee.

Nese Pillmanized Dar's knee and landed a Running Nese through the timekeeper's barricade. Nese brought Dar into the ring and got the win. This was the best match either man has had in WWE -- they were given a chance and took advantage of every second.

Tozawa's rise to the title shot was shown, along with Murphy's promo promising to keep the title. In a rare twist, the contract signing happened backstage and not in the ring.

Drake Maverick talked about Murphy's four-month reign of destruction, while Tozawa's win-loss record has improved since joining with Kendrick. Tozawa signed, then Murphy offered him a selfie with the belt and said he'll even let him use his phone.

Murphy said Tozawa couldn't get the job done at the Royal Rumble in the fatal four-way. He isn't competing with Tozawa -- he's competing with history and wants to show he's the greatest cruiserweight of all time.

Tozawa said he's been champion before and defeated the King of the Cruiserweights, and he can beat Murphy too.

This was a fantastic segment and felt far more modern than any contract signing on the main roster in ages. Murphy also looked ridiculous in a shirt that was way too small, but in a great way that showcased his size.