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WWE 205 Live results: Cruiserweight title on the line

Cedric Alexander's rise to winning the Cruiserweight Championship at WrestleMania was shown before a recap aired of Buddy Murphy's time in WWE, which he says is "nothing" outside of his NXT Tag Team title run.

Murphy talked about earning everything he's had before we were shown Alexander's debut in the Cruiserweight Classic and him also having to do what Murphy has done by making weight at all costs to be in the company.

Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, and Percy Watson talked about this being the first title match on 205 Live since October. Brian Kendrick then came down with Jack Gallagher, and Drew Gulak was on commentary to support them against the high-flying Lucha House Party -- who have new red and yellow House Party-themed shirts. They cut a very echo-filled selfie promo that Gulak rightfully hated. Gulak handed out "Lucha and You" pamphlets to everyone, which WWE should release as a PDF online.

Jack Gallagher & Brian Kendrick defeated Kalisto & Lince Dorado

Kendrick worked over Dorado with armlocks before tackling him for two. Dorado faked him out and hit a running rana, then Kalisto tagged in and hit a running splash off of Dorado's shoulders for two. Dorado worked over Kendrick before Gallagher attacked the jaw after tagging in.

Kalisto came in and hit a running headscissors and Gallagher blind tagged Kendrick in, who hit a rabbit lariat and mocked Kalisto's "lu-cha" chant. Kendrick hit kneeling crossfaces before tagging in Gallagher, who worked on the joints. Gallagher hit a fireman's carry drop on the ropes before Kendrick booted Kalisto for two.

Dorado tagged in and hit a standing High Fly Flow. He then hit a rope-walk rana on Kendrick for two. Dorado ducked a lariat from Gallagher to hit a suicide dive on Kendrick to the floor. Gulak crotched Dorado up top before Kendrick got the Captain's Hook on and won by submission.

Gulak shook hands with Kendrick and Gallagher. Watson asked why he did this, and McGuinness told Watson he'd know why if he would have bothered to read Gulak's pamphlet.

Hideo Itami vs. Akira Tozawa from last week was recapped and we saw Itami say he deserves respect.

Mustafa Ali weighed in on tonight's title match and told Murphy that he won't be the one to take the title off of Alexander -- it has to be Ali. Tony Nese and his gigantic forehead and/or receding hairline talked about Murphy beating Alexander with his superior conditioning.

Drake Maverick discussed his hopes for tonight's title match with Dasha Fuentes while wearing an amazing mauve jacket. She mentioned how TJP doesn't approve of what's happening, and Maverick said that all TJP has to do is be proactive with him in his office and not on social media. Maverick hyped up Alexander vs. Murphy by talking about how great each man is before McGuinness said it should be a hell of a match.

Murphy entered before Alexander, who got a nice reaction.

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Cedric Alexander defeated Buddy Murphy to retain his title

Alexander dominated to start before they went back and forth on one counts. Alexander flipped out of a running rana and pointed to himself -- Alexander was quite over in his home state and got a large "Cedric!" chant. He hit a snapping headscissors before faking Murphy out on a dive.

Alexander dropkicked him before Murphy took advantage of an opening and worked him over in the corner. Alexander hit a big elbow smash and a kick in the corner before sending Murphy into the announce table off a dropkick. He hit a pushing suicide dive, sending Murphy over the announce table so Alexander could soak in the cheers. Alexander went for the Lumbar Check through the announce table, but he got tripped up and hit his back on the table and then the apron.

Murphy worked the back over with kicks and knees, but Alexander hit a running elbow and an uppercut. Alexander spinkicked Murphy's gut before kicking him down and going for the diving lariat, but he got caught with a leg lariat for two. Alexander ate some shotgun knees to the back but landed a desperation superkick when Murphy charged in.

They went back and forth with hard elbow strikes to the jaw and a buzzsaw kick to the side of the head sent Murphy out before Alexander landed a flip dive. Alexander connected with the springboard Hart Attack for two. He hit an elbow and went for the outside-in Complete Shot, but Murphy hit a big kick and a flip dive of his own that almost sent him into the announce table.

Murphy went for a super double foot stomp, but Alexander avoided it and Murphy rolled right into a Michinoku Driver for two. Alexander went for the Lumbar Check, but his back was shot and Murphy kicked him before punting his nose and getting two off the running suplex. Alexander avoided the apron running suplex before landing an inside-out Complete Shot on the apron. It almost ended in a double countout, but they fought their way in.

Alexander and Murphy landed more elbows, with Alexander winning that exchange before going for the Neuralyzer -- but Murphy caught him for a standing backslide into a DDT for a near fall. They exchanged a series of strikes before a running knee got two for Murphy. Murphy got another two count off a powerbomb before hooking Alexander's hands and landing the Kamigoye knee strike for a really close near fall.

Alexander hit a Neuralyzer and landed a second one before retaining with the Lumbar Check. Alexander celebrated with his family in the crowd and should feel proud -- this was one of the best matches in 205 Live history.