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WWE 205 Live results: Cruiserweight title rematch

Tony Nese winning the Cruiserweight Championship from Buddy Murphy on the WrestleMania pre-show was recapped to start the episode -- and it was announced that we're getting a title rematch tonight.

Jack Gallagher came down to face Humberto Carrillo. On commentary, Nigel McGuinness said that this match is coming about due to flying costing Carrillo the match two weeks ago. Gallagher is still Carrillo's ally, but he wants to teach him a lesson with this match.

Drew Gulak joined McGuinness, Vic Joseph, and Aiden English on commentary.

Humberto Carrillo defeated Jack Gallagher by DQ

Gallagher went for some fancy mat work, but Carrillo flipped out of it. Carrillo went for a run-up arm drag, but Gallagher ran his throat into the ropes for two. Vic Joseph asked Gulak what will happen if Gulak gets brought to the main roster. Gulak said that he and Joseph can still keep in touch -- but it's probably best to keep it to social media or Joseph paying for a MasterClass taught by Gulak.

Gallagher slugged Carrillo in the corner before doing the same on the mat and grinding away at the arm. Carrillo landed a crossbody and then a flip dive to the floor. Carrillo went up top for a dive, but Gulak shoved him off, so Carrillo won by DQ.

Gulak beat up Carrillo until Gallagher came in, grabbed Gulak's hand to prevent more abuse, and headbutted him. 

Murphy cut a promo about proving that he's still the best cruiserweight of all time when he gets his title back.

Nese said he accomplished his lifelong dream and he'll do whatever he can to win tonight.

Drake Maverick met with Oney Lorcan and welcomed him to the division. Cedric Alexander came in and wanted a match. Lorcan said that Alexander is the man on 205 Live and he'll have to beat Alexander next week to prove how great he is.

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Tony Nese defeated Buddy Murphy to retain his title

Nese got a big intro and Joseph talked about hoping that Shane McMahon won't be offended by it.

They went back and forth on tie-ups, but Nese used his quick combos to gain an edge and a two count. Murphy landed on a jump off the buckle and faked a knee injury, giving him a chance to cheap shot Nese. Murphy sent him over the announce table and hit a corner-to-center V-Trigger for two.

Nese landed a jumping uppercut while Murphy went up, sending him to the floor. Nese hit a Fosbury Flop and got a "205!" chant.

Murphy was tossed over the announce table and Nese slugged away. Nese's double-jump moonsault hit and got two. Nese ate a superkick in the corner and a Liger Bomb got two.

Nese caught the knee off the Kamigoye and snap suplexed Murphy into the buckle. Nese was sent to the apron for a German suplex. He avoided that, but ate a pair of kicks and a knee. Nese feigned injury and backdropped Murphy on the announce table. 

Murphy was out for 9.5 and we got a kneeling back-and-forth elbow to the jaw exchange. Murphy hit a big combo, but Nese avoided the last shot. A snap Yokosuka cutter got two for Murphy.

Murphy's Law hit for 2.9! The Kamigoye landed solidly -- followed by another knee. Murphy set him up, but Nese hit a rewind rana that sent Murphy into the buckle.

The Running Nese hit in the corner, then Nese hit a second one to retain. Their WrestleMania match was good, but this was fantastic and one of the better non-TakeOver matches WWE had all Mania week.