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WWE 205 Live results: Drew Gulak leads The Zo Train

Drew Gulak winning the fatal four-way match on Raw was shown to start things off. Nigel McGuinness then hyped up Tony Nese vs. Rich Swann for tonight, while it was announced that Gran Metalik would face Brian Kendrick.

Gulak came down to hopefully showcase 205 slides from his PowerPoint presentation. He did his best Enzo Amore impersonation by asking how everyone is doing before he faces Cedric Alexander. Gulak has been named the conductor of The Zo Train, and tonight it's The Drew Train.

Gulak said he'll lead the train with pride using Amore's microphone. He started off the PowerPoint presentation, but he was prevented from "giving the gift that keeps on giving" (according to McGuinness) by Alexander. Gulak said that as a leader, he will delegate his match tonight to someone who has been soft -- Noam Dar.

Cedric Alexander defeated Noam Dar

Alexander started things off with a tie-up. On commentary, Gulak said that last night was his biggest win. Gulak also called Dar the baby monkey of their group. Alexander landed a headscissors and a big dropkick for two. He flipped into a Ricochet pose and went for a handstand move on the floor but got stuck on the apron and was attacked.

McGuinness and Gulak admired one another and their skills while Dar knocked Alexander on the apron before eating a back elbow. Alexander hit the springboard lariat for two. Dar got an edge, but Gulak told him to get off the top rope now. Alexander got two off a backslide and hit a kick before winning with the Lumbar Check. 

January's 205 Live house show tour was hyped up. Mustafa Ali, Swann, and Akira Tozawa talked up the tour, with Tozawa saying it's going to be awesome.

Dasha Fuentes asked Swann how Gulak leading The Zo Train affects him, and he said it won't because he knows Gulak can't handle him.

Brian Kendrick came out to face Gran Metalik. Kendrick's beating of Kalisto from last week was shown. It was noted that Kalisto is away on WWE's international tour. Metalik cut a subtitled promo about making Jack Gallagher his personal pinata if he interferes -- leading to a great line about McGuinness not fully understanding what a personal pinata is because he doesn't speak Spanish.

Brian Kendrick defeated Gran Metalik

Metalik landed his rope-walk dropkick and dove onto Gallagher at ringside. Metalik got a "Si" chant going and went for a baseball slide, which didn't work as Kendrick attacked him. Metalik recovered and hit a big Marco Corleone dive into a rana on the floor!

Gallagher attacked Metalik and Kendrick destroyed him against the LED apron before crossfacing him mid-ring. Kendrick chopped him in the corner and went for a powerbomb, but Metalik turned it into a sunset flip for two. Kendrick's Sliced Bread was avoided, so he took advantage of being on the apron and hit a knee to knock Metalik loopy before getting the submission with the Captain's Hook.

Nia Jax flirting with Amore from Raw was shown. Nese, Dar, and Ariya Daivari were backstage while Daivari counted his money. Gulak hyped up The Zo Train as being like the Justice League -- and he's the Batman to Amore's Superman while Daivari is Wonder Woman due to his fashion sense. He said he holds the Microphone of Leadership high. Gulak was hilarious here, and had me wanting to buy a replica of the Mic of Leadership and a shirt for Team PowerPoint by the end of this.

A Hideo Itami hype video aired, with some tweets from the roster, including a hilarious one from Gulak about what respect means to him.

Rich Swann defeated Tony Nese

Nese chopped away to begin the match. They fought on the floor, with Swann kicking him down off the apron and hitting a Phoenix Splash into a seated senton on the floor. Swann went for a sunset flip, but Nese kicked him hard to end that. Nese locked on a bodyscissors. He then hit a pouncing tackle for two after Swann escaped.

Nese put Swann in a tree of woe before kneeing his ribs, and Gulak used the chance to get some cheap shots in before Nese did the ab crunch kicks. Nese kicked Swann in the corner and went up top but ate a pop-up rana for two. Nese got a pumphandle Michinoku Driver for two. He landed a kick and knee strike combo, but a leg sweep was countered and Swann hit a big buzzsaw kick to KO him and then won with a Phoenix Splash.

Gulak had his siren blaring on the bullhorn to bring out his goons to attack Alexander and Swann. Tozawa and Ali came out as the only babyfaces in the company that actually act like friends. The faces fought the heels off and sent them away to close the show.