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WWE 205 Live results: Drew Gulak vs. Isaiah 'Swerve' Scott

A recap of last week's brawl between Mike Kanellis and Drake Maverick aired to start things off. Super serious Maverick acting like a threat to Kanellis after being a comedy guy who gets pinned off a cradle on Raw is a bit of a disconnect.

Maverick showed up in a suit that Boyd Pierce would think was a bit too loud and told Kanellis that they'll be facing off next week and it will be an unsanctioned match. Despite being unsanctioned, it will have ramifications for the Cruiserweight Championship. Kanellis will get a title shot if he wins.

Raul Mendoza got a video package as he made his entrance. He was put over as being "likable" and got a highlight reel showcasing his offense.

Humberto Carrillo & Raul Mendoza defeated The Lucha House Party (Kalisto & Gran Metalik)

Mendoza started off with Kalisto and they exchanged ranas before Metalik and Carrillo came in. Carrillo ate a knee to the arm for one. He was put in long chinlocks by both members of the Lucha House Party before he tagged in Mendoza and they did the Lucha Bros double team wheelbarrow drop for two.

Metalik dominated Carrillo until he hit a swan dive springboard crossbody. Metalik landed a double-jump rana off the top for two. Metalik's moonsault was met with a pair of feet and Carrillo hit his corkscrew splash to win.

The Singh Brothers cut a promo on Brian Kendrick and Akira Tozawa before Aiden English talked about being able to buy the Bollywood trophies at a local shop for three for $5.

An Isaiah "Swerve" Scott (Shane Strickland) video package aired and showed off his talents and never-ending personality. A Chad Gable-Jack Gallagher video was shown before Oney Lorcan entered for a squash.

Oney Lorcan defeated Tony Isner

Lorcan destroyed Isner with a slew of corner chops and a running uppercut before a half-and-half suplex ended it. This was short and effective.

Drew Gulak talked about wondering who would step to him and hoped it would be someone from his show, but it wasn't. It was someone from his past -- someone who he trained, and someone who still has a lot more to learn.

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Drew Gulak defeated Isaiah "Swerve" Scott in a non-title match

Scott shined brightly early on with a quick standing moonsault onto Gulak as Gulak ran into the ring. Scott was ground down on the mat, but he escaped with some fancy footwork and a swift right hand that got two.

Gulak worked on the wrist before sending Scott outside and landing a running Razor's Edge into the post. Gulak's slick hesitation flying lariat hit for two. Scott was put up top and Gulak wanted another Razor's Edge, but Scott flipped through for a jawbreaker and hit an uppercut for two.

A blindside kick hit for Scott and got a "this is awesome" chant. Scott's left arm was nearly useless, but his legs weren't and a kick flurry hit before a double stomp got two.

Gulak's snap sunset flip got two. He hit a high angle suplex and got the win with a Cyclone Clash.