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WWE 205 Live results: Enzo Amore faces Tony Nese

The show began with a rundown of the "second chance" fatal four-way from Raw and Cedric Alexander's victory. Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness hyped up the return of Kalisto to 205 Live as he faces Jack Gallagher tonight.

Drew Gulak came down with Ariya Daivari and marched him down to the ring seriously. Gulak talked about how he's going to make 205 Live better by defeating Alexander on Raw and eventually become the Cruiserweight Champion. He said Alexander had luck on his side last night, but Daivari Dinero will beat him tonight.

Gulak announced that Noam Dar is out due to a knee surgery -- but he has outlined a 93-point recovery plan via PowerPoint! Sadly, Alexander's theme interrupted -- much to McGuinness' dismay.

Cedric Alexander defeated Ariya Daivari

A tie-up started with a shove in the ropes by Daivari, but Alexander took him down with an arm wringer. Alexander chopped away while a PowerPoint chant broke out. Alexander sent him out and went for a dive, but Gulak stood on the apron and decreed that there will be no diving off the top. That distracted Alexander, with Daivari then throwing him into the buckle.

Daivari tossed Alexander outside and Gulak hit him with a lariat, which McGuinness explained as Gulak rushing towards a fan and unfortunately bonking into Alexander. Daivari countered a Lumbar Check attempt with a cradle, but the back elbow hit for Alexander. The Neuralizer was countered into a spinebuster by Daivari. Daivari hit a frog splash and got two despite Gulak protesting that he was going to the top rope. Alexander was able to hit the Neuralizer, then the Lumbar Check ended it.

Clash of Champions was hyped and we saw the Gulak-Enzo Amore bit from Raw. Gulak gave Tony Nese some pointers, with Amore insulting Gulak for thinking it was his place to do that. Gulak apologized for joking about beating Amore, but he said that it isn't implausible that he could become champion. Nese stood up for Gulak, and Amore thought they were trying to form an alliance against him.

Amore got steamed before saying it's time for a Zen moment. He said he needs to be the best leader possible, so he'll lead by example and wrestle to show them how it's done as he faces Tony Nese. Well, that sure is a match for a main event.

Jack Gallagher entered to face Kalisto. Brian Kendrick talked about how the Cruiserweight Championship being taken from him one year ago ended his dream of being a champion. Gallagher said that Kalisto is springboarding into a spider's nest.

Kalisto defeated Jack Gallagher

Gallagher got a headlock takeover and started working on one of Kalisto's arms before a monkey flip exchange. They fought on the floor and Kalisto hit a high kick that sent Gallagher off the apron. He went for another, but Gallagher slammed his knee into the post.

Gallagher did the surfboard knee stomps to destroy the knee before locking him in a tree of woe and putting on a modified ankle lock and snapping the leg. Gallagher applied a headstand toe and ankle lock before locking on a horse collar kneebar, but Kalisto escaped and kicked away with his bad leg.

Kalisto landed the snap rana driver, but he couldn't follow up quickly and only got two. However, a snap rana got the pin. 

Kendrick attacked Kalisto's knee after the match until Gran Metalik came out to make the save and took them out with a double springboard dropkick. Kalisto also hit the Salida del Sol on Gallagher.

Gulak met with Amore and told him to call the match with Nese off. Amore said he's going to show Nese some holds and make it a technical spectacle like Dean Malenko.

It was announced that Hideo Itami would be debuting next week, with McGuinness saying he's one of the toughest people he's ever stepped in the ring with. They really do need to bring up McGuinness' in-ring prowess more so his comments ring true to more people.

Nese came out being serious, while Amore was Amore and had Gulak and Daivari with him.

Tony Nese defeated Enzo Amore by DQ

Amore talked smack to Nese and shuffled around the ring before slapping him. Amore told him there's no Uber to the top, so he needs to take the Zo Train. Daivari then jumped Nese for the disqualification.

Amore teased a Jawdunzo before staring at Gulak, who prevented it by giving Amore a guilt trip. They're doing an excellent job of slow-burning Gulak's face turn. Amore told him to man up and stand up to him if he wants, but it's ride or die on the Zo Train. Gulak reluctantly hit Nese, who may be a babyface by proxy -- but Gulak is clearly the one they're building up as a babyface.

Gulak stomped and punched away at Nese while the crowd chanted "delete." Amore gave Nese the Jawdunzo to close the show.