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WWE 205 Live results: Fatal five-way main event

The Big Takeaway --

205 Live's mid-card is shockingly strong, while the main event scene remains Enzo Amore's best chance to shine on the main roster so far. He will face Neville at No Mercy after becoming number one contender, and it will be a sink-or-swim night for him -- because if he can have a good match with Neville, there's hope for him in this division.

Show Recap --

Each of the five participants in the fatal five-way elimination match cut a promo on why they'll win -- with Enzo Amore making the strongest case. While making his show debut on commentary, Nigel McGuinness talked about how 205 Live offers up style and finesse.

TJP came down for a match (with Ariya Daivari's graphic shown). Daivari then entered, with Rich Swann bringing a chair with him to the announce table to do commentary for this.

TJP defeated Ariya Daivari

TJP started things off sloppily with a weird move that sent Daivari outside. He then hit the double-jump dropkick to the apron before Daivari took him down with a kneeling surfboard. TJP regained control with a vertical suplex into a back suplex for two.

Daivari sent him down and missed a frog splash, leading to a Detonation Kick finish for TJP. Swann danced, dabbed, and challenged TJP to a match next week.

Brian Kendrick vs. Jack Gallagher from last week was recapped, then Drew Gulak passed out pamphlets backstage aiming to make 205 Live better before facing Akira Tozawa.

McGuinness confirmed via a text from Kurt Angle that TJP will face Swann next week. Gulak proposed Bill Watts' rules from 1992 -- there should be no jumping off the top or middle ropes. Tozawa thankfully interrupted this PowerPoint presentation.

Akira Tozawa defeated Drew Gulak

Gulak used a headlock to grind Tozawa down. Tozawa recovered with strikes, but he got slammed off the apron into the barricade. Gulak surfboarded him, but Tozawa made it to the ropes. Gulak worked the arm, but Tozawa got his battle cry going and landed a sick forearm and a snap rana.

A pump kick on the apron sent Gulak outside for the suicide dive. Gulak ate a Saito suplex and Tozawa went up top, but Gulak prevented a senton -- yet still ate a windmill kick. The senton bomb then ended it. This was a fine showcase for both guys.

Charly Caruso asked Amore if he's as athletic as Neville and Cedric Alexander, and he said he isn't -- but he's the Al Capone of the microphone and he's using his certified GPS to put 205 Live on the map. Neville said Amore looks ridiculous and 205 Live is an arena for serious athletes -- not Amore.

Tony Nese and the rest of the fatal five-way competitors came down for the main event.

Enzo Amore defeated Cedric Alexander, Brian Kendrick, Gran Metalik, and Tony Nese in a fatal five-way elimination match to earn a Cruiserweight title shot at No Mercy

Alexander tossed Metalik into the heels while Amore stood on the floor and chatted with fans. Alexander and Metalik had a ton of slick exchanges in 30 seconds -- these guys need a program against each other at some point.

Amore then pulled Kendrick down while Alexander and Nese went at it mid-ring. Nese was distracted and was cradled by Amore, who was sent into the rope and ate a slingshot suplex to the floor by Kendrick. Amore was covered for two, but he came back and hit a flatliner on Kendrick. Kendrick and Nese superkicked Amore, who rolled outside.

Alexander hit a standing C4 to Metalik, then we got a Tower of Doom out of the corner. Nese and Kendrick beat up Amore on the floor and tossed him over the announce table. Nese hit a running elbow on the floor that sent Metalik spinning. He tossed Metalik in and set up the corner knee, but he backed into a Lumbar Check from Alexander to take him out.

Alexander hit the handspring kick on Kendrick and countered a Metalik Driver with a Lumbar Check to send Metalik out. Alexander really does feel like a natural opponent for Neville, but Kendrick came close to ending that possibility with a Slice Bread that got two. 

Kendrick locked on the Captain's Hook but got cradled for two and released it. Kendrick locked it on again, but Alexander got to the ropes. Alexander hit the Lumbar Check on Kendrick to eliminate him, but Amore snuck up and cradled Alexander to win the match.

Final Thoughts --

Well, that was crazy -- they gave Amore the win, but really put Alexander over as the true winner. Alexander could easily get a shot at the title in the future, so giving the championship to Amore at No Mercy would easily set up Alexander as the most deserving challenger outside of Neville.

This was a fun match and the best usage of Amore yet. He's clearly being put in as a ringer, but since it's almost the point of his character now, it works better than it logically should. Over the long run, he shouldn't be in the division, but he instantly makes it come off better, so it's worth it for right now.