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WWE 205 Live results: Fatal five-way main event

Cruiserweight Champion Tony Nese retaining against Ariya Daivari at Money in the Bank was recapped to start the show. The intro has been updated to include the Singh Brothers dancing.

Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, and Aiden English discussed the fatal five-way main event between Oney Lorcan, Akira Tozawa, Brian Kendrick, Ariya Daivari, and Mike Kanellis. Tozawa and Kendrick shook hands backstage.

The Singh Brothers entered. They danced and buried the Lucha House Party for being destroyed by Lars Sullivan at Money in the Bank and laid out by him on Raw. The Singhs demanded that they get a forfeit victory against the Lucha House Party, but Drake Maverick then came out.

Maverick told the Singhs that the LHP isn't here, but he will give the fans some tag team competition, which led to Jack Gallagher & Humberto Carrillo coming down.

Jack Gallagher & Humberto Carrillo defeated The Singh Brothers

Carrillo landed a springboard crosschop for two. Gallagher came in and tied Sunil Singh into a knot before sitting on him. Carrillo tagged back in, ate a double-team beatdown in the corner, and Samir Singh tagged in for a long chinlock.

English talked about Carrillo having more charisma in a dimple than either Singh brother. Samir ate a nice Bret Hart-style chest bump in the corner before Gallagher tagged back in. Gallagher hit a big right hand and a giant delayed suplex for two.

Gallagher got a half crab, then Sunil tagged in and hit a rabbit lariat and a double superkick for two. Gallagher tagged Carrillo in -- and Carrillo hit a big high kick and an Aztec Press to win it.

Mike Kanellis said that tonight is all about watching Tozawa and Kendrick destroy each other. Lorcan talked about not walking away from a fight, then his promo was accidentally interrupted by Vic Joseph on commentary.

Everyone came out for the fatal five-way, with Daivari getting a promo and saying that his loss at Money in the Bank was a fluke.

Akira Tozawa defeated Brian Kendrick, Ariya Daivari, Mike Kanellis, and Oney Lorcan in a fatal five-way match

Kendrick and Tozawa hit some nice double team-style offense on Kanellis. They went for a tie-up, but Kanellis and Daivari jumped them. Lorcan shoulderblocked Kanellis low and went for a dive to the floor, but ate a forearm by Daivari and got thrown into the barricade.

Daivari used Tozawa as a weapon for an Iconoclasm slam against Lorcan for two. Kendrick got two off an O'Connor roll and applied the Captain's Hook, but Lorcan broke that up. Lorcan wanted a half-and-half suplex, but Kendrick pulled him down and locked in the Captain's Hook.

Kanellis went for the Cross Rhodes, but Kendrick avoided it. Nese watched the match backstage while wearing an Ali shirt.

Kanellis chopped Lorcan hard in the corner. That seemed like a bad idea -- and it was, as Kanellis then ate chops from Lorcan. Kanellis was able to hit a spinebuster for two.

Lorcan hit a running blockbuster on Kanellis and a half-and-half on Kendrick for two. Daivari and Kanellis ate a double blockbuster and a flip dive from Lorcan before Tozawa hit a suicide headbutt to the floor.

Tozawa hit a missile dropkick to Daivari and got a German suplex for two. Kendrick charged to prevent a super senton, but Tozawa dove off and then everyone ate a variety of offense. Kanellis climbed up and went for a superplex, leading to a Tower of Doom spot.

The Persian Lion Splash hit for Daivari and got two. Somehow in all this, Daivari's left ear got all busted up. Tozawa locked the Iron Octopus on Mike, but Maria climbed up and distracted him. Mike got a schoolboy for two. 

Daivari ate a shining wizard and Tozawa went up for the senton, but Daivari popped up and nixed it. Kanellis brawled with Tozawa, with Kanellis eating a German suplex on the apron. Tozawa hit the senton on Daivari before Kendrick broke up the pin.

The match seemingly entered its end as Tozawa and Kendrick started going at it. It began as a friendly rivalry before becoming more intense. Kendrick hit Sliced Bread on Tozawa, but Mike landed Cross Rhodes on Kendrick. Daivari hit the Rainmaker on Lorcan, but Tozawa won with a cradle on Daivari.

Tozawa celebrated with the announce team as Nese looked on approvingly from backstage.