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WWE 205 Live results: Fatal five-way steals the show

Drake Maverick recapped the last two weeks in the cruiserweight division, with Buddy Murphy winning the title, Mike Kanellis debuting, and Tony Nese defeating Cedric Alexander last week.

Tonight's fatal five-way showcases Nese, Alexander, Gran Metalik, TJP, and Lio Rush -- with Maverick running down exactly why each man deserves to be in the main event.

In a new red, white, and blue robe, Drew Gulak came out with Jack Gallagher. Gulak and Gallagher turning on Kendrick two weeks ago was shown before Akira Tozawa entered. Tozawa got a "ha!" chant going, so Gulak told the fans to stop that immediately.

Akira Tozawa defeated Drew Gulak by DQ

Gulak started the match with a headlock before things moved on to a suplex. Tozawa then avoided a back elbow and landed a rana. Tozawa hit a penalty kick and landed a senton for one. He stomped away in the corner, but Gulak recovered and landed a series of forearms.

Tozawa hit the chop combo and landed the fake-out jab before locking on an octopus stretch. Gulak caught him off a crossbody and got a two count with a fallaway slam. Gulak went for a Romero special, fishhooked Tozawa's nose, and locked on a Gory special. Gulak landed a folding powerbomb for 2.5.

Gulak grounded Tozawa and bit his ear. Gulak missed a strike, opening the door for Tozawa to land a series of kicks. Tozawa landed a missile dropkick and a shining wizard, but Gulak went outside. Tozawa hit both Gulak and Gallagher with the suicide dive headbutt.

Tozawa went up top, but Gallagher tripped him up and Tozawa won by DQ. Gulak and Gallagher double teamed Tozawa until Brian Kendrick made the save. He locked on the Captain's Hook on Gallagher. Kendrick put his hand out, but Tozawa was iffy on shaking it.

Backstage, Maverick congratulated Murphy on winning the title. Murphy said he'd have been champion six months earlier if it wasn't for the weigh-in rule. Murphy wanted to know how Maverick will shape the division around both he and Tony Nese.

Mike and Maria Kanellis cut a selfie promo about the attack last week being business and nothing personal. They are the new power couple of 205 Live, which isn't exactly stiff competition given that there are zero other couples on the show. Kanellis will face Lince Dorado next week.

Hideo Itami talked about how Mustafa Ali didn't show him respect, so he'll end his career in a falls count anywhere match next week. Ali cut another excellent promo -- now in the rain, saying that they've been down this road far too long and it's time for it to end. Ali is one of the best promos in the company -- and one of the most believable promos in the business.

Tony Nese defeated TJP, Gran Metalik, Lio Rush, and Cedric Alexander in a fatal five-way match

Murphy watched the match via a monitor backstage. TJP and Metalik brawled a bit on the floor while Alexander sent Nese outside with a lariat over the top. Rush shined brightly against Alexander, landing an impressive arm drag counter and then a run-up rana. Alexander charged after Rush, but he ran right into a Nese lariat.

Metalik and Rush went at it quickly until a tilt-a-whirl gutbuster gave Metalik a brief edge. Rush and Nese went at it, and Nese drilled him with an elbow and knee combo. Rush endured it and landed a standing enzuigiri.

TJP locked on a double abdominal stretch on both Metalik and Rush, but Nese got involved. Nese threw TJP into the post before elbow smashing Metalik down. Nese worked over Metalik and got two off a back suplex. Nese attacked his stomach in the corner and hit the crunch kicks.

Nese took out Alexander. Metalik went for a moonsault block, but it went awry and Nese turned it into a makeshift cover. Nese put him in a fireman's carry before Metalik elbowed out and suplexed him for two. Alexander hit a springboard lariat to Metalik and took Nese out in the corner before a PK to TJP on the floor. Alexander covered Nese for two before Rush got involved. Rush got a huge chant from the crowd.

A tower of doom was prevented by Nese, resulting in both a cradle for him and a Michinoku driver from Alexander before Rush dove onto Alexander with the final hour for 2.9! Rush hit a crazy-fast kick combo on TJP, but Nese just beat him down. Alexander hit the Neuralyzer on Nese for two.

Alexander dove onto Metalik on the floor with a flip, then TJP tossed Metalik in for two. Metalik hit a reverse slingblade to Nese before TJP locked on the kneebar on Nese and then Alexander before Metalik prevented a tap. TJP slid under Metalik, who perfectly timed an Asai moonsault!

Rush went for a rana, Alexander turned it into a Lumbar Check, and Nese cradled Alexander for the win. This was a crazy fatal five-way. Nese had an impressive showing -- but Rush stole the show with his speed.