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WWE 205 Live results: Fatal four-way main event

Akira Tozawa vs. Kalisto vs. TJP vs. Buddy Murphy was announced as tonight's main event, and everyone involved cut an inset promo and got a brief hype video. Nigel McGuinness and Vic Joseph hyped up the main event while McGuinness said the match has future implications for the Cruiserweight Championship.

Drake Maverick was at ringside on commentary and said the show isn't about impressing him, it's about impressing the fans. Mark Andrews then came down doing his wacky dancing to no reaction. It's a shame the dance isn't over -- it's an easy thing for fans to do. Tony Nese entered and did his ab-pointing deal.

Mark Andrews defeated Tony Nese

Nese shoved Andrews down and posed before locking him in a headscissors. Andrews escaped and got an overhand armbar on while Drew Gulak looked on, with him watching the television from an actual organic angle. Nese avoided a lariat and superkicked Andrews. Andrews went up top and hit a rana that sent Nese outside. He went for a dive, but Nese ran in and forearmed him down for two.

Nese worked on a grounded inverted bear hug for a while, then he ate a wheelbarrow bulldog and a flying DDT for two. Andrews hit a clunky golden triangle moonsault on the floor, with Nese then bowling him over with a massive forearm. Nese chopped him to death, so Andrews went for a slapfest and got it before landing Stomp 182 to counter a schoolboy.

Nese went for a powerslam, but Andrews turned it into the Stundog Millionaire and won with the Shooting Star Press. Andrews asked Maverick for a match with Gulak next week -- and Maverick made it official.

Dasha Fuentes interviewed Gulak about his match with Andrews next week. Gulak asked why Andrews is on 205 Live and said he may have hurt his feelings when he put him in the dragon sleeper, but it was a statement and he is the best submission specialist in the company.

TJP was shown sipping on coffee backstage while Murphy worked out a bit.

Maverick interviewed Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali backstage and asked about their thoughts on making it to WrestleMania. Alexander said they were excited to see The Hardys return one year ago, while Ali said that now they will face off for the title. Alexander said he'll win the title for his daughter, while Ali said that won't be how the story ends. It will end with Alexander's pen running dry like it always does. They shook hands hastily.

Kalisto trained with his friends backstage, and everyone came out for the main event.

Buddy Murphy defeated TJP, Akira Tozawa, and Kalisto in a fatal four-way match

Murphy tossed Kalisto and Tozawa around before Kalisto hit the corkscrew bodyblock. Murphy went for a suplex on Kalisto, but TJP jumped him. TJP locked on an Indian deathlock on Tozawa while applying an abdominal stretch on Kalisto, but Kalisto escaped and chopped TJP down while doing more damage to Tozawa in the process.

Murphy went outside and tossed everyone around before forearming Kalisto hard in the jaw. Kalisto and Tozawa teamed up to hip toss him into the barricade. TJP used a Gory special on Tozawa and a rocking chair on Kalisto. TJP got a cloverleaf crab, but Murphy punted him.

TJP hit a triangle dropkick to Murphy before Tozawa dove onto TJP. Kalisto hit a corkscrew dive onto them before Murphy dove on the pile and overshot his target a bit. Tozawa planted Kalisto and went for the senton, but Kalisto blocked it. TJP locked a bow and arrow on, but Tozawa dove on the pile and broke up Murphy's pinfall attempt at two.

Kalisto hit the Salida del Sol, but the cover was broken up and Tozawa got two off that. Tozawa and Kalisto argued while the crowd finally came alive. TJP got the kneebar on Murphy, but they pulled him out before Murphy hit a dive. TJP cradled him, but Murphy hit Murphy's Law to win it.

This was a great showcase for Murphy, and they set him up as a good post-WrestleMania title challenger while planting the seeds for a Tozawa vs. Kalisto program as well.