WWE 205 Live results: Goldust & Alexander team up, TJP returns

Enzo Amore missing Raw due to the flu was recapped to begin the episode, along with Goldust's teaming with Cedric Alexander last night. Jack Gallagher gets a rematch with Hideo Itami this week and Goldust & Alexander face Drew Gulak & Ariya Daivari again.

Akira Tozawa came out to face a mystery opponent -- who was revealed to be the returning TJP. Sadly, TJP got no reaction.

TJP defeated Akira Tozawa

TJP started off with some nice offense and got a "TJP" chant. Tozawa recovered and stomped a mudhole in him before landing a PK and a standing senton. He went for a suicide dive but ate a high kick. TJP worked on Tozawa's shoulder before doing the Pentagon Jr. arm snapper.

TJP continued to work on the arm for quite a while before going for a hammerlock slam, but Tozawa flipped out of it and hit a big boot and a backdrop driver. Tozawa avoided a Detonation Kick and hit a kick of his own before going for the flying senton. TJP used a thumb to the eye and slammed Tozawa into the post before winning with the Detonation Kick.

Alexander and Goldust chatted backstage about how Goldust isn't exactly a cruiserweight, but he is a friend and he's there for Alexander.

Gallagher entered to face Itami, with WWE showing Itami smashing Brian Kendrick's face in last week. Gallagher talked about how Itami cost Kendrick two months of not only his career but income as well. He demanded slow motion be shown to enable us to see the devastation, and Gallagher said he will make Itami suffer for hurting his friend. Gallagher is at least a justifiable heel when it comes to his anger.

Hideo Itami vs. Jack Gallagher never got started

Nigel McGuinness talked about how Itami destroyed men like Samoa Joe and Daniel Bryan before coming to WWE. Gallagher swung with the umbrella, but Itami attacked him before he could use it. The KENTA combo took Gallagher down, but he smacked Itami with a pipe-filled umbrella to knock him out before waylaying him with the pipe a few times.

Gulak and Daivari discussed not being ready for Goldust, and Gulak said that they suffered a major injustice and don't appreciate being accosted. Gulak said they'll win this one for his best friend -- before Goldust interrupted and said his own name.

The heels came out and, sadly, Gulak didn't do a PowerPoint tease.

Cedric Alexander & Goldust defeated Drew Gulak & Ariya Daivari

Alexander worked on Daivari before Goldust came in looking gigantic. McGuinness pointed that out and hyped up Goldust's speed on his arm drags. Gulak came in and bumped for a hiss from Goldust. Daivari was stunned by it, but he attacked anyway and tagged in Gulak for some corner offense.

The heels worked on Goldust before Alexander came in and went after Daivari. Gulak tagged in and clubbed away at Alexander to slow things down. They destroyed him on the floor before Daivari applied a chinlock. Alexander hit a back elbow and tagged in Goldust, who hit a bulldog and landed some corner shots to Gulak.

Goldust teased another top rope dive before climbing down and doing a double uppercut. He teased a dive over the top -- only to hold the rope down so Alexander could dive onto them. Alexander hit the Lumbar Check on Gulak to win it.

Gulak is one of the few over acts on the show and really shouldn't be doing so many jobs -- but he's hilarious, so I guess he's bulletproof.