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WWE 205 Live results: Gulak faces Tozawa in a street fight

To start the show, Enzo Amore met with the Zo Train to enjoy a nice Thanksgiving dinner. He got his goons matches against the guys they faced on Raw. If they do well tonight, he'll recommend that they get a shot at him. Drew Gulak was missing, but the Gobbledy Gooker came in before being revealed as the Gobbledy Gulak-er.

Nigel McGuinness hyped up Tony Nese vs. Mustafa Ali for later, and Vic Joseph talked about Ariya Daivari & Noam Dar facing Cedric Alexander & Rich Swann.

Gulak came out for a street fight with Tozawa actually dressed like he's ready for a street fight -- neat. Gulak said that Amore is from the streets and since he's Enzo-adjacent, he's ready for a street fight. Gulak prepared to show off his newest PowerPoint slide -- and even twirled in excitement -- but Akira Tozawa showed him no respect and came down.

Akira Tozawa defeated Drew Gulak in a street fight

Gulak started with a sunset flip before eating a penalty kick. Gulak headbutted him under the chin and shut down a "PowerPoint" chant. Tozawa hit a kick on the apron and sent him flying to the floor. He went for a suicide dive, but Gulak caught him in a suplex and dropped him right on the ramp.

Gulak used his sign for a two count and got a "no chants" chant. He sat Tozawa in a chair and slapped him down, but Tozawa recovered and hit a Saito suplex on Gulak through the sign.

The crowd chanted for tables and Tozawa obliged. Gulak shoved the table into Tozawa's ribs and snap suplexed him into the buckle for two. Gulak went to attack him on the floor but got tossed over the announce table so Tozawa could cannonball off of it onto him. Tozawa put a trash can on Gulak's head and caned him into the table before hitting a senton off the top to win. This was an outstanding opener -- it will be tough for anything to top this tonight.

McGuinness hyped up that one of Japan's deadliest strikers is coming to 205 Live -- and we got a hype video for Hideo Itami. Nese ate and talked about how Itami should get on the same page as the Zo Train while everyone was absolutely disgusted. Alexander came in and mocked Amore for having turkeys and Ali called them all brown-nosers. Amore threatened Nese and told him to do better than Gulak did.

Mustafa Ali came out to face Nese.

Tony Nese defeated Mustafa Ali

Nese posed and Ali lost a collar-and-elbow. Ali flipped around and posed before getting one off a crucifix. Nese went outside and Ali hit a somersault cannonball off the top to the floor. This was absolutely beautiful, and he even did another roll after hitting the move.

Ali went on the barricade and got crotched. Nese locked on a long chinlock, which McGuinness put over as a way to wear Ali down for the later portions of the match. Ali used a baseball slide to avoid a shot in the buckle and hit a high kick before a facebuster got two.

Ali hit a jumping tornado DDT for a close near fall. Nese drove Ali into the post before trapping him in the corner and hitting the running knee strike to win it.

Amore met with the other goons, who told him that they'll make him even prouder. He said he wasn't proud of Gulak, who hung his head in shame in the Gooker suit before asking if he could please use the restroom.

Amore came out and did his sing-a-long promo before Swann's theme interrupted him

Cedric Alexander & Rich Swann defeated Noam Dar & Ariya Daivari

Daivari slugged away at Alexander to start and tossed him violently into the buckle. Swann came in and got a quick two count. Dar and Alexander then made their way in in and Dar avoided the Lumbar Check.

Alexander went for a headscissors, but Dar kicked him in the ribs for two. Dar worked on his arm and got a two count. Daivari tagged in and applied a chinlock. Alexander tried to make a tag, but Daivari pulled him back. Alexander was able to free himself and made the hot tag.

Swann flipped Daivari mid-ring and got two. Daivari then got two off the frog splash. Amore told him to tag Dar in -- and there was no way this wouldn't backfire on him. Swann cradled Dar for a near fall. Swann went for a cover, but Amore distracted the referee and Alexander went after him. Dar jumped Alexander and saved Amore, with Swann landing a big roundhouse and hitting the Phoenix Splash to win it.

Amore jumped Alexander and Swann after the match and the goons attacked. The other babyfaces came down and got beaten up by the heels. Daivari hit the hammerlock lariat on Alexander and Dar connected with a running enzuigiri on Swann. Amore hit a one-man rocket launcher that McGuinness tried to put over as a four-man one despite the others barely touching him.