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WWE 205 Live results: Hideo Itami vs. Akira Tozawa

Drake Maverick talked about the cruiserweight division stealing the show at the Royal Rumble kickoff. Kalisto takes on Mike Kanellis to start this week's show, with Maverick saying it gives Kanellis a chance to face the top competitors of the division as he wanted.

In the main event, Hideo Itami faces Akira Tozawa. Maverick talked about their past as a team, Itami having a victory over Tozawa, and a win here possibly moving the winner into immediate title contention.

Kalisto came down and the Lucha House Party put a wacky hat on Nigel McGuinness. Aiden English said no one can stop this version of Buddy Murphy.

Kalisto defeated Mike Kanellis

Kanellis jumped Kalisto, but Kalisto recovered and sent him out before landing a flip dive. On commentary, Maria Kanellis talked about her and Mike coming to WWE to become living legends. Well, they're a wee bit away from that goal. Maria also mentioned how sad she is when she has to tell her daughter that all they did when they were away from her was eat catering.

Kalisto got tripped up on the barricade but later hit a basement rana for two. Maria talked about being a 15-year veteran. Kalisto went for a flip dive on the floor, but Mike sidestepped and tossed him into the barricade.

Kalisto got a small package for two. He then hit a superkick and a DDT for 2.9. He went for an avalanche Spanish Fly, but Mike hit a super Side Effect for 2.5. Mike hit a series of suplexes -- to make a statement according to Maria. A backpack stunner hit for Mike and got two when Kalisto got his foot on the rope. Mike went for a powerbomb, but Kalisto turned it into a sunset flip to win.

Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher cut a promo where they welcomed Humberto Carrillo to the roster, but they warned him about the dangers of flying. Gulak reminded him of the tale of Icarus, and Gallagher said that they're veterans and can offer him the guidance to reach his full potential.

Ariya Daivari talked about Itami proving that he's the most destructive force on the show by destroying Tozawa.

A brawl from earlier today with Tony Nese and Noam Dar was shown. Kayla Braxton said that Noam Dar hasn't been hurt, but Nese has been suspended indefinitely. Murphy said that with or without Nese, he's still unstoppable.

Akira Tozawa defeated Hideo Itami

Daivari tried to distract Tozawa, who didn't fall for it and hit a calf kick and senton on Itami for two. Tozawa went for a second rope senton, but Itami hit knees to the back of Tozawa. Daivari jumped Tozawa, but Brian Kendrick chased him away while dressed like he was a Memphis jobber from 1986.

Itami worked on the jaw of Tozawa in the corner with a boot choke. Tozawa got a few errant shots to the stomach, which Itami didn't quite sell but registered -- very much like Roddy Piper in the mid '80s where he was small and didn't move around a ton in his selling to make himself seem bigger.

Tozawa got the octopus, but Itami turned it into a side slam. Tozawa hit a missile dropkick, then Itami went out and ate a suicide dive. Tozawa hit a rana into the buckle. Itami went for the GTS. Tozawa escaped that, but Itami lariated him down.

Daivari attacked Kendrick, but he ate a hesitation dropkick when Tozawa moved. Tozawa took Itami down and hit the senton off the top for the win.

Kendrick helped Tozawa up to his feet and they celebrated. Daivari came in, turned against Itami, and laid him out with a lariat.