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WWE 205 Live results: Humberto Carrillo vs. Jack Gallagher

Earlier today, Jack Gallagher showed Humberto Carrillo clips of their match against The Singh Brothers. Gallagher said it didn't settle the uneasiness he was feeling. Gallagher wanted a match with Carrillo to see who the better man is, and -- in a very wooden manner -- Carrillo said that it would be his pleasure to defeat Gallagher.

Brian Kendrick came out. We saw a tweet where he congratulated Akira Tozawa on winning last week's fatal five-way, with Nigel McGuinness saying that the 20-year vet is jealous of his friend.

Mike and Maria Kanellis entered and, surprisingly, they didn't show Maria's tweet about their contracts being up soon. We found out that both Kendrick and Kanellis will be in the 50-man battle royal at Super ShowDown. It was hyped as one of the biggest battle royals ever and will have...nothing on the line.

Mike Kanellis defeated Brian Kendrick

Kendrick slugged away at Mike with forearms and punches and locked in the Captain's Hook before Mike fled to the floor. Kendrick avoided a chop on the post. Mike slapped the post, and Kendrick broke the count.

Mike attacked Kendrick on the floor with a boot and a suplex on the barricade. Mike landed a nice, long suplex for two and then got a long chinlock. Kendrick used a calf kick and put on the Captain's Hook, but Mike escaped once again and crawled to the steps. That led to Kendrick hitting a suplex off the steps to the floor.

Kendrick applied the Captain's Hook, but Mike lifted him up and hit a Cradle Shock. They got into a fighting spirit forearm and chop exchange. They exchanged superkicks, then Mike hit a superkick chain, another Cradle Shock, and the Cross Rhodes to win it.

Drake Maverick, Cruiserweight Champion Tony Nese, and Tozawa talked about Tozawa being on a hot streak. Nese said he wants a match with Tozawa, and Maverick let them know that he's taking it under consideration.

Ariya Daivari discussed getting stitches in his ear and said he'll take out Oney Lorcan's ear just like Lorcan did to him.

Noam Dar came out to face Mike Sydal (as Mike Karma). McGuinness talked about Dar's match against Mark Andrews on NXT UK. Vic Joseph said that Dar faked an injury, but McGuinness said that he doesn't like using that "fake" word.

Noam Dar defeated Mike Karma

Dar mocked Karma and then did the Barry Horowitz back pat. Karma chipped him, but Dar took his knee out with the punt and hit a running enzuigiri to win.

Dar was interviewed after the match and was asked if he feels like he's back on track. Dar asked how he can get back on track if he was never off it in the first place. He blamed any setbacks he's had on the jet lag of flying back and forth from NXT UK to 205 Live. He said that no one can forget Supernova 11 and he's ready to be a star player on two continents.

Dar did a great job of attempting to get a reaction here by insulting Oklahoma, but the fish weren't biting.

Kayla Braxton interviewed Maverick and bungled up her lines. Maverick said that Tozawa is great, but others have impressed him and he has a lot to consider. R-Truth then walked by, with Maverick leaving to try and win the 24/7 title. Fantastic, so now goofy comedy Maverick is intertwined directly with serious GM Maverick.

Lorcan said that Daivari is unbalanced and he'll take out his other ear to balance things out.

Humberto Carrillo defeated Jack Gallagher

They started off with a tie-up before we got some mat work. Gallagher escaped an arm lock with some chain wrestling, then worked over the arm and bridged back into a pin for two.

Carrillo escaped a side headlock takeover with a handstand. Gallagher got fired into the corner and did his own handstand and kick and got two off a schoolboy. Carrillo used a gorgeous run-up arm drag and landed a dropkick.

Gallagher hit a giant uppercut and then dropped Carrillo outside off a go-behind before flowing over Carrillo and tossing him into the barricade. Gallagher stomped a mudhole in him in the corner and headbutted his stomach. He chinlocked Carrillo down and booted him before dropkicking him and getting two.

Carrillo hit a flying Chuck kick for two. They fought up top, with Gallagher hitting a super back suplex that Carrillo rolled out to the floor on.

Gallagher charged at him and Carrillo hip tossed him into the barricade. They fought on the apron, and Carrillo hit a missile dropkick on the neck that sent Gallagher into the ring. Carrillo slammed him for a two count.

Carrillo went for a moonsault and ate a pair of boots, then Gallagher threw him out for a suicide dive. Gallagher dove off the top and caught the feet but was cradled for two. Gallagher landed a series of forearms and went for a big suplex, but he ate a DDT and Carrillo hit the twisting splash to pick up the win.

Gallagher accepted a handshake from Carrillo after and then hugged him. Carrillo celebrated with a camera shot full of empty chairs while Gallagher looked on from the stage defeated and dejected.

This was one of Gallagher's best matches in WWE. It would have been a great sendoff for him temporarily if he winds up doing the Bellator fight, which is at least something to do with him instead of him just spinning his wheels on 205 Live.