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WWE 205 Live results: Humberto Carrillo vs. Lince Dorado

The episode started off with a shot of Erick Rowan laying out Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan on SmackDown.

Before the show, Drake Maverick told Lince Dorado that he'll face off with Humberto Carrillo tonight. Dorado pointed out that he's never had a Cruiserweight title shot. Carrillo said that he already earned his shot against Drew Gulak at Clash of Champions, so Maverick said that if Dorado beats Carrillo tonight, he'll make it a triple threat at the pay-per-view with Dorado included.

Tony Nese came down in new black and white gear because he's in a dark place.

Mike Kanellis defeated Tony Nese

Nese dominated Kanellis for a bit on the mat before they brawled on the floor and Kanellis threw Nese into the barricade. Kanellis got the better of him with a long chinlock while Aiden English picked the worst possible moment to talk about this becoming an all-out brawl.

Kanellis draped Nese over the barricade and hit a diving rider kick to the barricade. He threw Nese into the ring and got two. Kanellis went for the Cradle Shock, but Nese German suplexed him into the buckle. Kanellis avoided the Running Nese, but he ate a triangle moonsault as Maria looked on angrily backstage.

Kanellis got two off a spinebuster, while Nese got two off a super rana. Kanellis landed a big lariat and hit a kneeling headbutt. Nese responded with a big left hook and a leg sweep on the apron to send Kanellis to the floor, where he ate a Fosbury Flop.

The 450 splash hit for Nese, but it only got two. Maria was shown looking pleased after her husband kicked out. Kanellis avoided a sunset driver but ate a PK. Nese went for the Running Nese, but a superkick hit for Kanellis. Kanellis then hit the Cross Rhodes to pick up the win.

Ariya Daivari told Dorado that he needs to forget about the Lucha House Party and he needs to join his side. Dorado said that Daivari is right about saying he's great -- but his success doesn't need to come alone. Dorado called Daivari a leech and said that when he wins, he'll throw the biggest Lucha House Party the show has ever seen.

The Singh Brothers blamed Akira Tozawa and Brian Kendrick for causing their bad luck and said that those two can't even dance.

Tozawa and Kendrick then came down to face an enhancement team.

Akira Tozawa & Brian Kendrick defeated Brian Thomas & Tyler Hastings

English talked about being offended by The Singhs as a thespian while Nigel McGuinness asked many valid questions about how you become a certified thespian. Tozawa and Kendrick finished off Hastings with a shining wizard/flatliner combination.

Kendrick talked about not being surprised by what's happened with Jack Gallagher. Kendrick said he's talked to Maverick about making a tag match for next week's 205 Live at Madison Square Garden with Gallagher and a partner facing Tozawa & Kendrick.

Oney Lorcan was being interviewed backstage about not being through with Gulak. Nese was upset over losing and brawled with Lorcan. Nese took a thousand years to set up something against a ladder before just throwing Lorcan into a metal case.

Lince Dorado defeated Humberto Carrillo

Some quick mat work started the match off. Carrillo went for a bow and arrow, but Dorado turned it into a cover for two. Dorado lit Carrillo's chest up with a ton of overhand chops that got the crowd on its feet.

Carrillo landed the swan dive crossbody and turned it into an arm drag. A run-up rana by Carrillo led to him being sent out and eating a suicide dive into a DDT by Dorado. This got a "205 Live" chant and led to a long chinlock to ensure that stopped. 

Dorado got a long modified Camel Clutch, with the crowd responding by firing up for Carrillo. Carrillo recovered and hit a picture-perfect missile dropkick for two. He then hit a flip dive to the floor to a massive "205" chant. Carrillo hit a gorgeous moonsault for 2.5.

Dorado hit a springboard poison rana, but he landed on his own shoulders and got two. Carrillo got a crazy package high-angle Liger Bomb for two.

A forearm and then an overhand chop exchange broke out before Dorado hit a Shooting Star Press, but he couldn't follow up by going for the pin. Shortly after, Dorado landed a snap rana and got the win.

Gulak came down and beat up Dorado after the match. Nese joined Gulak, reuniting with him and helping him beat down both Dorado and Carrillo to close the show.