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WWE 205 Live results: Isaiah 'Swerve' Scott vs. Raul Mendoza

To start the show, Isaiah "Swerve" Scott advancing to the fatal four-way Cruiserweight Championship match at Worlds Collide was recapped.

Jon Quasto and Mansoor were the commentary team tonight. Tyler Breeze entered and got polite applause ahead of facing Ariya Daivari.

Tyler Breeze defeated Ariya Daivari

Daivari charged Breeze down and hopped in the corner to mock him. Mansoor was doing a nice job of at least getting across that he's a wrestler and tying in some stories of his time with each man.

Breeze dropkicked Daivari before hopping in the corner to mock him back. Breeze threw Daivari around ringside and played to the crowd, which is simple, but it actually worked really well here to keep the crowd interested.

Daivari strung Breeze up in the rope and choked him before mocking the crowd. This was a very elementary match and not particularly exciting, but perfectly functional.

Daivari crotched Breeze up top for two. Mansoor made a great point saying that -- while Daivari has things money can buy -- he doesn't have any major accolades in WWE. Daivari worked away with an arm lock, but Breeze escaped and landed a series of flying forearms before hitting a big one in the corner. A straightjacket backstabber got two for Breeze.

A big uranage got two for Daivari before he mocked Breeze and got booed. They were getting the best reaction on this show in months, and Breeze hit the Supermodel Kick for two. Daivari avoided the Unprettier and went for the hammerlock lariat, but Breeze hit a big kick before going on to hit the Beauty Shot to win.

Jack Gallagher issued a list of demands on Twitter before he will return to 205 Live. The ones shown were:

  • Drake Maverick has to start dressing like a real general manager
  • Gallagher's entrance music is to be "Stunner" by Dan le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip
  • Before every match, Gallagher needs a brandy glass full of brown M&M's presented to him in the locker room
  • Gallagher must officially be recognized as a former UpUpDownDown Champion
  • Gallagher appears on one of those late night talk shows where they pretend to know who you are the whole time
  • WrestleMania in England

Lio Rush came out while both commentators talked about the issues he has with Cruiserweight Champion Angel Garza. Mansoor suddenly turned into a heel commentator and said it was okay for the Singhs to interrupt Isaiah Scott vs. Rush last week and dance around the ring.

Lio Rush defeated Sunil Singh  

Rush jumped the Singhs on the floor before Sunil got an advantage with some quick offense. A nice suplex gave Sunil an edge and a second rope elbow got two. A long chinlock led to Rush's comeback, and he hit Sunil with a handspring that sent him to the floor.

Sunil wanted Samir to go in. They tried it, but the referee noticed that he had tattoos, shades, and long tights and ejected him. Rush baseball slid into Samir, hit the Come Up on Sunil, and the Final Hour ended it. This went on much longer than it needed to, but it was fun.

NXT UK's Johnny Saint and Sid Scala ran down the wrestlers who will face off for the final two slots in the Worlds Collide Cruiserweight title match. It will be Ligero vs. Jordan Devlin and Travis Banks vs. Brian Kendrick on NXT UK next week. The winners will join Angel Garza and Isaiah Scott in the fatal four-way title match.

Raul Mendoza came out to face Scott in what should be an exciting match. 

Isaiah "Swerve" Scott defeated Raul Mendoza

Scott worked the arm a bit. Mendoza rolled around to avoid damage, but he got locked into another arm lock. A wacky lucha flip exchange led to mild applause.

Mendoza hit a big chop in the corner that livened the crowd up. Then Mendoza worked away with an arm and neck lock that would make Baron Corbin proud. The announcers talked about how skilled Mendoza is for not sticking to a script, which is just odd when he's doing WWE formula to a tee in front of a mostly-silent crowd.

Scott got a nice "Swerve" chant. Mendoza got sent to the floor and Scott hit a running boot. He went for another running boot of some kind, but Mendoza moved before it went through. Scott hit a big knee before a rolling flatliner got two.

Scott went for the JML Driver, but Mendoza avoided it and hit a pop-up rana off the top. Mendoza got two off a lionsault before landing a rope-walk dropkick and hitting a Fosbury Flop to the floor.

Mendoza went for a Phoenix Splash, which missed. Scott's House Call didn't miss -- and he got the win to give him more momentum going into Worlds Collide.