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WWE 205 Live results: Jack Gallagher aligns with Brian Kendrick

The Big Takeaway --

Jack Gallagher turned heel to close the show, attacking Cedric Alexander and shaking Brian Kendrick's hand. Rich Swann continued his feud with TJP as they faced off in a rubber match, and Breezango made an appearance on 205 Live to address Drew Gulak's fashion-related offenses.

Show Recap --

An interviewer asked Rich Swann about what he anticipates in his highly-anticipated rubber match with TJP. We saw Swann beat TJP two months ago, then TJP wanted footage shown of him beating Swann in their most recent match. Every possible part of this was being done to eat up as much time as humanly possible.

Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness hyped up the Mae Young Classic finals and talked about Cedric Alexander facing Brian Kendrick tonight. Swann danced out and McGuinness said he needs to take things seriously. TJP, of course, came out to his Mega Man music and dabbed.

Rich Swann defeated TJP

Swann started things off with a cranking headlock, then he kicked the daylights out of TJP's back and got a one count. TJP used a chinlock before landing a vicious knee to the gut. Swann went for a Tiger Driver, but TJP turned it into a sloppy rana. Swann avoided a Detonation Kick, but he ate a chicken wing gutbuster for a near fall.

TJP started to work on Swann's leg with some kicks, but he charged in and ate a slap. Swann hit the roundhouse kick and the Fantastic Voyage for a close near fall. He then ended it with a Phoenix Splash.

This was a technically great match, but the lack of crowd reaction hurt it. Swann wanted a handshake after, but TJP didn't go for it. They slapped hands instead.

Enzo Amore was shown winning the number one contender's fatal five-way match last week, but we got to see Cedric Alexander's dominance to show that he was the real star of the match.

Mustafa Ali talked to Alexander about how he's surprisingly calm about Amore stealing the pin. Alexander said he can just refocus and he'll get to where he wants to be. Brian Kendrick asked if he just wants to be kicked to the curb and said that Alexander reminds him a lot of Jack Gallagher -- the whole generation is spineless.

Drew Gulak handed out leaflets before McGuinness talked about how he really wants to see the PowerPoint presentation continue. Joseph brought up Microsoft tweeting that they wanted to see it too. Gulak got a "PowerPoint" chant and resumed his presentation, which is on slide three of 277.

"I believe that all 205 Live wrestlers should compete in complete silence," Gulak said. Oh boy, did the crowd ever deliver that. He said he doesn't enjoy elaborate ring gear and showed off King from Tekken in his Kazuchika Okada gear, complete with the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. Sirens then blared and the Fashion Police came down. 

Fandango was as creepy as humanly possible to Gulak, while Tyler Breeze said they got too many complaints about him, so they had to come to 205 Live. Gulak shoved Fandango aside, with Breeze adding "assaulting a fashion officer" to his offenses. Breeze said Gulak has the right to a fashion consultant, then Gulak ran away before being tripped up.

Well, that was an odd mix of horrible and hilarious. Recap of Miz TV from Raw was shown with Amore being beaten up and Neville mocking him.

Cedric Alexander defeated Brian Kendrick by DQ

Alexander gave Kendrick a headscissors to start before hitting a springboard lariat for two. Kendrick avoided a Lumbar Check and went for Sliced Bread, but Alexander countered it. Well, they went from the start of a match to near-finishes in under a minute.

Jack Gallagher came down to threaten Kendrick, but he beat up Alexander instead. This was bizarre, but I like the badass Jack Gallagher. He really could be a US title-level act with this character going forward.

Gallagher gave Alexander a headbutt before glowering for a bit and shaking Kendrick's hand.