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WWE 205 Live results: Jordan Devlin makes his show debut

Tonight's main event of Jordan Devlin vs. Lio Rush vs. Tony Nese was hyped up before Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch came out to face Ariya Daivari & Brian Kendrick. The history of both teams was recapped before the heels entered.

Ariya Daivari & Brian Kendrick defeated Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch by DQ

Lorcan started things off by chopping the daylights out of Daivari in the corner. Daivari hit a series of knees to the gut before tagging Kendrick in for a double suplex, but Lorcan escaped and tagged Burch in for some slugs to the face of the heels.

Burch hit a few uppercuts and a boot in the corner. Daivari tried to sneak attack him but ate a punch. Daivari tripped Burch up and then stomped him in the corner. Kendrick choked Burch on the rope before getting two off a calf kick. Daivari came in to grind away at Burch before tagging Kendrick in to work on the knee.

Burch avoided both heels and tagged Lorcan in so he could take both down with a flurry of punches and lariats. Lorcan landed a charging uppercut and hit a double running blockbuster.

Daivari brought a chair in and Burch dropkicked it into his chest. Lorcan wanted to hit Daivari with a chair and Burch cheered him on -- so he hit Daivari in the stomach and they got disqualified. Lorcan wanted to hit Daivari in the head, but Burch grabbed the chair from him. Burch told Lorcan to get the tables, but the heels escaped before the table could be used.

The Singh Brothers defeated an enhancement team

The Singh Brothers came out in Bollywood Boyz gear with the vests and all. They've mixed things up a bit for their entrance and now get the fans involved by posing near them and shooting with the Bollywood Cam, so that's a nice way to get people to care about them.

They demolished their unnamed opponents with a variety of double-team offense, including a slick hip toss before the Bollywood Blast ended it.

The main event competitors entered for their triple threat match, with Lio Rush definitely coming off like the biggest star of the three.

NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin defeated Lio Rush and Tony Nese in a non-title triple threat match

Rush dropkicked Nese to start before getting into a tumbling exchange with Devlin. Nese came back in and rained down knees to Devlin. Devlin caught both men, gave Rush a uranage onto Nese, and then hit a standing Shooting Star Press for two.

Devlin landed a slick double knee strike ala William Regal mid-ring before hitting a C4 on Rush for two. The heels double teamed Rush up top, but he fought them down and hit a crossbody block on both.

Rush hit a slick strike combo to Nese before landing a series of lariats to Devlin. Rush took down Nese, but Nese escaped and Rush dove onto Nese while aiming for both men. Devlin moonsaulted onto Rush, then Nese hit a Fosbury flop on Devlin.

Devlin tossed Rush over the announce table before hitting an outside-in cutter to Nese that got two due to Rush breaking up the pin.

Rush wanted the Final Hour, but Nese stopped that and gave Devlin a Sunset Driver for two. The Final Hour hit the knees of Nese. Nese then gave Rush a 450, but Devlin stopped Nese from going for the pin. Devlin got the win after landing the Devlin Side on Nese. They went with the finish of seemingly every triple threat match on TV over the past month, but Devlin at least hit his finish first.

As he went back up the ramp, Devlin cut a promo asking if 205 Live believes him now. He said Rush, Nese, and Angel Garza shouldn't be worrying about where the Cruiserweight title is going -- because it's coming back to the UK with him. Devlin closed the promo by saying that you never bet against an ace.