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WWE 205 Live results: Kalisto vs. Lio Rush, Gulak vs. Tozawa

Drake Maverick started the show off by talking about his plans for the division in 2019 with the first Cruiserweight Championship match being Buddy Murphy defending the title in a fatal four-way at the Royal Rumble.

He hyped up Lio Rush facing Kalisto for the first time ever, with the winner advancing to the fatal four-way. Akira Tozawa vs. Drew Gulak in a qualifying match for the fatal four-way is also set for this week.

Kalisto came out before Rush. The announcers talked about Maverick being kept on as a general manager due to the McMahons being impressed by him.

Kalisto defeated Lio Rush to advance to the Cruiserweight Championship fatal four-way match at the Royal Rumble

A "Lio sucks" chant broke out before they went for something that apparently went awry as they just cut to Kalisto's buddies on the floor. Murphy and Tony Nese, with a protein shaker, watched on from backstage.

A Listo Kick hit, and then a series of kicks to the leg weakened Rush. Kalisto hit the apron and ate a somersault kick from Rush. Rush then used a bodyscissors and a back mount before landing a crossface and grinding away at the jaw. Kalisto hit a kick, sending Rush to the floor to eat a flip dive.

Rush hit a roundhouse kick and went up for the frog splash, but Kalisto kicked him from the ground. They fought up top, with Kalisto hitting an enzuigiri and a fallaway slam/moonsault off the top for two. Kalisto went for the Salida Del Sol, but Rush turned it into a double-rotation Unprettier for 2.9.

Kalisto hit a corkscrew dive off the second rope but ate a pump kick from Rush. Kalisto recovered and landed a spin kick, but he got dropped neck-first on the top rope for a nine count on the floor.

Rush went for the Final Hour but got distracted by Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado's noisemakers. Rush attacked them on the floor and then ate a Salida Del Sol to end it. Kalisto will be one of Murphy's three challengers at the Royal Rumble.

Nigel McGuinness pointed out that Kalisto wouldn't have won without his buddies on the floor.

Gulak and Jack Gallagher chatted about the office chair not working well before, and Gulak said that he is a leader and a submission specialist. More importantly, he is a realist and without weapons, Brian Kendrick and Tozawa couldn't beat them.

Maverick talked about looking for talent across the world and bringing new faces to the roster. He wants everyone to step up their game and wants the show to remain the showcase for cruiserweights from around the world. This definitely seems to point to the company bringing in more people to round out the roster.

Gulak and Tozawa made their entrances while Murphy watched on the TV backstage.

Akira Tozawa defeated Drew Gulak to advance to the Cruiserweight Championship fatal four-way match at the Royal Rumble

Mat wrestling started things off before the pace quickened and Gulak got a quick two off a snap sunset flip to counter a leapfrog. Tozawa went for a shining wizard, but Gulak countered it with a Backlund lift and threw him into the buckle. He landed a stiff lariat for 2.5.

Gulak landed a powerbomb for two, but Tozawa recovered and hit a big forearm. Tozawa got the around-the-world octopus stretch. Gulak countered it with a stretch muffler, spinning around with it until Tozawa escaped.

Gulak locked on the Gu-Lock, but Tozawa escaped by rolling into the ropes. They fought on the floor and Tozawa landed a big chop and then the suicide dive connected. Tozawa sent Gulak in and set up the senton, but Tozawa got crotched and his knee landed on the buckle.

Gulak went up top and tried for a superplex, but Tozawa countered and Gulak slipped. Gulak went back up top and got punched down. The senton landed to give Tozawa the win and a spot in the title match at the Rumble. Murphy and Nese bragged about how easy it is to beat Tozawa and this making things easier for Murphy.