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WWE 205 Live results: Lio Rush makes his debut

Drake Maverick started the show off by saying that tonight is about opportunity, and he will give Akira Tozawa a chance to face Tony Nese in the opener.

Lio Rush was hyped up with a video package, and the main event will be the Lucha House Party against Drew Gulak, Brian Kendrick & Jack Gallagher in an elimination tag match.

Tozawa came down and Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, and Percy Watson talked about the upcoming action. Buddy Murphy accompanied Nese out.

Akira Tozawa defeated Tony Nese

Nese posed and Tozawa did his "Ha" chant at him. Nese got dropped from a fake-out punch, but he matrixed his way out of a lariat and superkicked Tozawa in the gut before kneeing him in the jaw. Nese dropped Tozawa's jaw on the apron and elbowed him down on the floor. Nese moonsaulted on him for two.

Nese locked on a torture rack, but Tozawa freed himself and hit a running rana, then a shining wizard. Tozawa hit a big missile dropkick for two. Nese planted Tozawa on the top rope with a gutbuster and knees to the gut before gutbustering him again for two. Nese went for a German suplex into the corner, but Tozawa avoided it and kicked him in the jaw.

Tozawa went up top, but a European uppercut sent his mouthpiece into the crowd. Nese went for a superplex, but Tozawa reversed it and beat him with a senton off the top.

McGuinness talked about Hideo Itami before we got a recap of Itami winning last week's triple threat main event against Mustafa Ali and Murphy. Cedric Alexander spoke to Maverick about feeling iced and wanting to know his next foe. Maverick said that he'll find out when he can, and Alexander responded by saying he wants Itami and rattling off his wins. Maverick said that Itami may have won, but he doesn't want to reward bad behavior. Alexander said he wants Itami to get the shot and Maverick noted that he'll consider it.

Lio Rush's debut was up next. He came out with a giant grin on his face and a fast-paced theme that fit his character perfectly.

Lio Rush defeated Dewey James

Rush got a big chant to start things off. He stalled forever by using his fancy watch as an excuse, then hit a snap superkick, a handspring kick on the apron, and a basement tornado kick before the Final Hour frog splash hit and ended it. Rush has got the best-looking frog splash since RVD in his peak -- and his RVD '97-esque character works.

Rush said he can do things that no one else can -- and people on 205 Live are good, but they're not Lio Rush. They have no finesse or presence.

Alexander talked about being champion and wanting to take on all comers -- and he isn't intimidated by itami. Alexander and Itami then got into a shoving match

Gulak, Kendrick & Gallagher chatted before we saw Lince Dorado do an odd handstand workout with his partners. Next week, Ali faces Murphy in a no DQ match.

Drew Gulak, Brian Kendrick & Jack Gallagher defeated The Lucha House Party (Kalisto, Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado) in an elimination tag match

A triple dive from the Lucha House Party started things off strong. Kalisto hit a wasteland, then he and Dorado hit Gallagher. Metalik used a rope-walk splash for a near fall before Kendrick made a save. The reverse slingblade hit for Metalik, but Gallagher then landed a headbutt in mid-air and Metalik was eliminated quickly.

Dorado and Kendrick went at it, with Kendrick eating a barrage of dropkicks. Dorado hit a jumping high kick. Gulak got involved, but Dorado still used a crossbody for two. Gulak took Dorado's mask off and both he and Gallagher laughed. Gallagher worked on the arm before a tag to Kendrick furthered the damage.

Dorado hit the Golden Rewind and eliminated Kendrick.

Gallagher cut the ring in half and attacked Dorado with a big European uppercut for two. Gulak came in, but he got his leg caught on a combo and Dorado hit a spin kick. Kendrick attacked Kalisto to prevent a tag -- and the Gu-Lock led to Dorado tapping out.

Kalisto was now without any allies, and it was a pure handicap match. Logically, Maverick should be punishing Kendrick if he's against bad behavior. A corkscrew crossbody and the basement rana on Gulak got two. Gulak slammed Kalisto into the ropes hard and got two. Kalisto used a misdirection play to send Gulak into the ropes and then hit the Salida Del Sol on Gallagher to eliminate him.

This rivalry is ending as it should, with Gulak as the heel to end it. He shoved Kalisto down and hit a discus lariat for a near fall. Kalisto went for the Salida Del Sol, but Gulak turned it into the Gu-Lock and ended it. This was the second time Gulak has made Kalisto tap, and it was surprising to see the heel emerge victorious. He grabbed Penelope Gulak and threw the pinata into the crowd.