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WWE 205 Live results: Lio Rush vs. Akira Tozawa

Drake Maverick narrated a video recap of Cedric Alexander defeating Hideo Itami in their Cruiserweight title match last week and said that Alexander already wants a new challenger.

Akira Tozawa vs. Lio Rush and Noam Dar vs. TJP were hyped up for tonight. Vic Joseph asked if Rush deserves a main event spot, and Nigel McGuinness said he does because he has exciting matches.

TJP came down to face Dar and talked smack about Maverick making life difficult for him.

TJP defeated Noam Dar

Dar teased the lightning kick to end it early, but TJP went outside. They brawled before TJP went to work on Dar's bad leg. Dar was put in an armbar briefly before he turned it into a submission and TJP got to the rope. TJP trapped him on the rope and slingshot kicked his jaw. TJP showed great aggression by choking him in the corner with his foot while Maverick looked on backstage.

TJP stretched Dar's arms on the mat and hit the Pentagon Jr. arm snapper. He worked on Dar's knee more but missed a crossbody, which gave Dar a chance. TJP did a split off a kick to the leg in the ropes. Dar then hit a throwing Northern Lights suplex for two. A rabbit lariat from Dar got two, while Dar sold by grabbing both of his knees. Dar wound up in the ropes, but he avoided the slingshot kick and dropkicked TJP to the floor.

They fought on the apron, and TJP kicked the left leg out of Dar. TJP chop blocked Dar and locked in a half crab in the rope for a four count. TJP applied the kneebar, made him tap, and wouldn't release the hold. 

An extensive recap of Alexander vs. Itami aired, then Rush was shown strutting around backstage. Mustafa Ali cut a pre-taped promo about his heart and becoming champion one day.

Drew Gulak entered with Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallagher to face Danny Garcia.

Drew Gulak defeated Danny Garcia

Gulak started things off quick with a lariat and a backdrop driver before forcing a submission with the Gu-Lock. This was a fantastic showcase for Gulak.

Gulak got on the mic and said that you don't always get what you want, but you do get what you need. And while he isn't one for rock and roll, Mick Jagger did make a salient point. Gulak wants to show the fans that he can become champion and he will make Alexander tap out.

Buddy Murphy and Tony Nese's issues with the Lucha House Party were shown. Murphy told Dasha Fuentes that he doesn't like to lose, and the Lucha House Party were the wrong guys in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Murphy doesn't regret the attack, but he does regret Nese being unable to show that he can beat a former champion in Kalisto -- so a rematch between Nese and Kalisto was made for next week. Nese said they'll settle it in the ring one-on-one.

Rush came out to face Tozawa, who is hugely over despite his lack of a push.

Lio Rush defeated Akira Tozawa

Rush refused to tie up, using his speed to evade. He got a run-up rana off the ropes and cockily posed in them. Tozawa hit the sunset flip PK and a senton before doing Rush's corner pose. Tozawa chopped him mid-ring, but Rush sent him outside with the handspring kick. Rush cockily kicked him in the corner before stomping him. A mid-ring forearm exchange broke out, with Rush bodyblocking Tozawa down hard.

Tozawa escaped a chinlock before more forearms and chops gave Tozawa an edge. Rush avoided a shot and hit a slap combo and forearm strike. Tozawa tornado kicked him to the floor and hit the tope suicida. A missile dropkick sent Rush down for a close near fall.

Tozawa hit the snap German suplex, but Rush went outside to avoid the senton off the top. Tozawa kicked him on the apron and went up again, but Rush knocked him down, forcing his head into the buckle. Rush then pinned him with the Final Hour frog splash. 

Alexander talked to Maverick and wanted to know his next challenger. Maverick made Gulak vs. Itami vs. TJP vs. Ali in a fatal four-way number one contender's match for next week.