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WWE 205 Live results: Lio Rush vs. Oney Lorcan

Tony Nese's victory over Oney Lorcan and Ariya Daivari from last week and his subsequent challenge of Lio Rush was recapped to start the show.

Rush came out seemingly as a babyface, though it's hard to tell with the lack of crowd reaction.

NXT Cruiserweight Champion Lio Rush defeated Oney Lorcan in a non-title match

Lorcan dominated at the start with a knuckle lock that he turned into a cradle for two. Rush used his speed to escape Lorcan's ground game until Lorcan finally locked on a bodyscissors and worked away.

Rush sent him down and wanted the frog splash, but Lorcan recovered and landed a running blockbuster for two. They fought over an avalanche back suplex. Rush hopped off and went for a rana but ate a powerbomb. Rush turned a multiple powerbomb attempt into a big DDT.

Rush hit a double back handspring elbow and a bottom rope springboard stunner before the Final Hour frog splash ended it. 

Tony Nese welcomed Rush back to 205 Live. He offered to give Rush a chair so he could watch Nese win tonight and see what a real champion looks like.

This led to Raul Mendoza coming out. Tom Phillips talked about Mendoza being fast, while Rush said Mendoza isn't as fast as he is -- that's why his last name is Rush. He isn't worried about anyone and he's the Champ of the Hour.

Raul Mendoza defeated Tony Nese

Nese got a headlock before he was shoved off and sent outside. Mendoza hit an impressive tornillo dive and threw him in for something off the top, but Nese rolled out. A baseball slide gave Mendoza momentum, which Nese cut off with a slick body check-style flying forearm.

Nese got a long chinlock -- which his matches really don't need. He avoided a sunset flip and hit a buzzsaw-style kick. Nese missed a double-jump moonsault, then Mendoza took advantage with a springboard dropkick for two.

Nese went for a torture rack. Mendoza flew out of that and wanted a German suplex, but Nese flipped out and double stomped him. Nese hit a Fosbury flop and talked smack with Rush, leading to Mendoza winning with a flash cradle.

The Singh Brothers cut a promo about people needing to find them if they want the 24/7 title.

Brian Kendrick hopped on the announce table to still no reaction. He talked about earning the right to be a pro wrestler because others who earned the right to be a pro wrestler told you when you were back in his day. Now you've got guys just getting signed to WWE and being made pro wrestlers.

Kendrick said all these youngsters want to do is look themselves up on social media, which did finally get a reaction out of this crowd. He mocked Drake Maverick for chasing the 24/7 title and said he'll do this every week until he gets the news he wants to hear.

A recap of the social media feud between Ariya Daivari and Isaiah "Swerve" Scott aired to set up their main event.

Isaiah "Swerve" Scott defeated Ariya Daivari

Scott got an O'Connor roll into a headscissors. He faked Daivari out with a flip dive -- landing on his feet and hitting a jumping back kick.

Daivari turned it into a brawl on the floor and threw Scott all around ringside before tossing him into the buckle hard. Scott's been watching some Bret Hart and took a tremendous corner bump. A super belly-to-belly suplex hit for Daivari but only got two.

Scott got tossed out and beaten up a bit, but he took advantage of being thrown in and hit a standing Shooting Star Press as Daivari came in. Scott landed a kick and a big forearm before a corner back elbow. A throwing German hit for Scott, but Daivari got two off a uranage. 

Daivari hit a discus forearm and Scott jumped into a superkick, but Scott ended up hitting a jumping single-leg basement kick to get the win.

That's certainly an odd finish -- but it gets something over as a possible finish in the future even if it didn't really look all that good. It's odd to have a basement move that is usually just a transitional move as a finish, but it does work if it's something they stick with.