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WWE 205 Live results: Lio Rush vs. Raul Mendoza

Lio Rush defeating Oney Lorcan last week was recapped, along with Tony Nese's loss to Raul Mendoza via a distraction schoolboy.

Isaiah "Swerve" Scott entered before Ariya Daivari attacked him from behind, destroyed him on the floor, and tossed him into the buckle ass over teakettle. Three refs came in and we could hear each of them clearly over the dead silence of the crowd. Scott said he could wrestle and Charles Robinson just allowed it before a doctor could check him out.

Isaiah "Swerve" Scott defeated Ariya Daivari 

Tom Phillips hyped up the NXT clean sweep on SmackDown, while Aiden English said that they're riding a wave that began since his time in NXT.

Scott recovered and stomped a mudhole in Daivari but then got locked in a long chinlock. Daivari talked smack before putting on another long chinlock while arching Scott's back. The crowd was shockingly still dead. I'm sure a third chinlock will bring them to life. Nope.

Daivari teased a suplex, but Scott got the better of it by reversing it. It's hard to believe that this is the same Shane Strickland who stole the show on Lucha Underground. He came off as more of a star there with no real big buildup behind him until that show than he does now.

A snap German suplex by Scott led to a flatliner for two. A Shattered Dreams position superkick and a DDT then got him another two count. Scott went up for a double stomp and missed, then a second attempt led to an iconoclasm.

Scott countered a Rainmaker into a schoolboy for two. A Rock Bottom got two for Daivari. Scott knocked him to the apron and we got a new level of ridiculous double stomp positions as Daivari hung off the ropes to the floor and tried to sit up -- only to eat a double stomp.

Daivari sent him down with a belly-to-belly off the top, but he missed a frog splash and Scott hit the Killshot calf kick to get the win.

Phillips talked about Crown Jewel affecting SmackDown before they ran down Sunil Singh's 24/7 title loss to R-Truth and Samir Singh's title win. Phillips hyped them as the first brother combination to hold the 24/7 Championship.

Gentleman Jack Gallagher came out in a fine blue robe to face Ray Jazikoff.

Jack Gallagher defeated Ray Jazikoff

Gallagher worked on the arm for a long time before sending Jazikoff to the floor and charging out to toss Jazikoff into the barricade. A headbutt to the gut hit hard before Gallagher hit a barricade-to-barricade running dropkick.

Gallagher connected with a corner dropkick to end it. Gallagher is such a great talent and is so squandered on 205 Live without a push. He would be so great in a program with WALTER or even on NXT.

NXT Cruiserweight Champion Lio Rush defeated Raul Mendoza in a non-title match

Rush got a run-up rana off the apron to the floor, then a bottom rope tope hit hard before he sent Mendoza in for a corner splash. Mendoza set him up and landed a snapping basement dropkick for two.

English talked about Mendoza being inspired by Eddie Guerrero's WWE title win and Mendoza himself hoping to be an inspiration to his own child. Hey -- actual character development -- I dig it.

English also mentioned how brand supremacy is a lot like rooting for your local sports team. It's a lot like it in theory, only not in execution since the shows all feel the same, look the same, and are booked the same with little variance.

Mendoza got a long chinlock before a nice snap suplex that was shot from underneath the guys, making it look even more impactful. He went up top, but Rush rolled out. They had some apron forearm exchanges before Mendoza landed a gorgeous apron superkick. He went for an apron suplex, but Rush hopped in and hit a handspring kick and a bottom rope moonsault to the floor.

Rush hit a series of cross chops before a big back elbow landed and he soaked up the cheers. Rush was getting the crowd into this and a big kick got two for him. The bottom rope springboard stunner led to a soccer kick and a Final Hour frog splash to get Rush the win.

This was a lot of fun and as close to a star-making match for Mendoza as anyone has had on this show. They bumped knuckles after the match. Both men's stock has risen here.