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WWE 205 Live results: Lio Rush vs. Raul Mendoza at Full Sail

Brian Kendrick started the show off walking down the aisle of Full Sail. Tom Phillips talked about the division returning to its roots in the NXT Arena, and Aiden English said that his and so many others had their careers forged here.

Mansoor was out to make his 205 Live debut. And like with his match against Cesaro at Crown Jewel, he's being given a veteran who can teach him a lot in a single match. The good thing about that Cesaro match is that it gave Mansoor some on-paper momentum and Phillips talked about that being continued here.

Mansoor defeated Brian Kendrick

Kendrick bullied Mansoor into the corner with some forearms and landed some short punches. Mansoor hit a corner headscissors roll and a dropkick. Kendrick trapped the hand and kicked it into the buckle before pinning in the barricade and kicking his hand there.

Kendrick worked on the left arm more, but he ate a jawbreaker and a right-armed chop before a boot from Kendrick spun Mansoor into hitting a discus lariat. Mansoor landed an enzuigiri and a Falcon Arrow for two.

The Sliced Bread was turned into a Death Valley Driver for two -- that was impressive. Mansoor is definitely improving with these matches.

Kendrick hit a half-and-half suplex -- why do that when it's Oney Lorcan's finish? Kendrick went for the Captain's Hook, but Mansoor avoided that. Mansoor ate a powerslam -- only to absorb it and cradle Kendrick to win. This was quite good and a perfect match for Mansoor at this point in his WWE career.

They aired Angel Garza and Tony Nese's Cruiserweight title number one contender's match from this week's NXT. Garza did all sorts of impressive stuff. He's got a great future in NXT -- and with the win became the number one contender to Lio Rush's title..

A Danny Burch video package aired showing his WWE career.

A recap of the NXT invasion from SmackDown was shown.

Lio Rush came out for his match with Raul Mendoza. He really looks like a bigger deal not only with the belt, but with a slick jacket as well.

NXT Cruiserweight Champion Lio Rush defeated Raul Mendoza in a non-title match

Mendoza hit a leaping knee strike before landing a tornillo on the floor. Rush landed an enzuigiri before going up top and eating a high kick for two. Mendoza got a Romero special with a neck lock before they went back and forth off a German suplex attempt.

Rush got two off a schoolboy and then hit a basement tornado kick. He landed a sloppy handspring elbow and then a low-pe to the floor. Mendoza caught Rush's foot and hit a Pentagon Driver for two.

Mendoza's flip dive was avoided and he went for the End of Days, but Rush kicked him and hit the corkscrew Unprettier to win. This was all action, but it was too short to be anything special.