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WWE 205 Live results: Lio Rush vs. Tony Nese

Aiden English returned to commentary and Jon Quasto was again on play-by-play. He hyped up two first-time matches, with Danny Burch facing Brian Kendrick and Lio Rush taking on Tony Nese.

In the opener, Ariya Daivari faces Tyler Breeze. English tried to put Breeze over but wound up burying him as a guy who's failed on every brand in WWE.

Tyler Breeze defeated Ariya Daivari

Breeze knows he's fighting an uphill battle with the crowd, so he immediately started out with a 10-count punch in the corner to get the fans to do something and it worked. English said that this is like 2015 Tyler Breeze. English needs to just try and bury him because his attempt to put Breeze over isn't working.

Breeze landed some nice chops after eating a slick neckbreaker on the second rope. He got two off a lariat. Breeze slingshotted Daivari into the corner, but only got two off a Supermodel Kick. Breeze hit an Unprettier, but Daivari got his foot on the rope to break the count.

The Beauty Shot missed, but a sunset flip attempt resulted in a win as Breeze dropped down and cradled Daivari ala British Bulldog at SummerSlam 1992.

Backstage, Daivari was pissed and Kendrick came up to be the devil on his shoulder. Kendrick said it looks like Daivari needs a friend -- and Kendrick needs one too. Kendrick reminded Daivari that he's already helped him out. Kendrick then made his entrance.

Danny Burch came out to no reaction. His Clash-esque theme is great, but his act isn't what people are going to get hyped up for after SmackDown.

Brian Kendrick defeated Danny Burch

Burch started off with stiff forearms to the jaw. Kendrick went for a leapfrog before Burch DDT'd the knee in mid-air. Now that was pretty slick. Kendrick tossed Burch out for a nine count before locking the Captain's Hook in right as he rolled in. Burch escaped before Kendrick latched on once again.

Burch hit a big headbutt, but it was too close to the ropes as Kendrick reached the rope to stop the count. Daivari came out and got on the apron. Burch tried to strike him, but Daivari avoided it. Kendrick then used the same sunset flip drop-down to win -- only with Daivari holding Kendrick's hands to help him get the pin.

They showed a tweet from Lio Rush saying that -- no matter who wins at Worlds Collide -- he'll get back in the Cruiserweight title mix. Tony Nese entered and pointed to his abs. He's a good worker, but his ever-present role as a main eventer on this show is bewildering. Nese was shown losing to Rush on NXT at the end of last year.

Tony Nese defeated Lio Rush by countout

Rush won a game of cat-and-mouse with a Pele kick on the apron that allowed him to hit a tope into the announce table. Nese landed a spin kick for two and posed. He locked on an endless bodyscissors before Rush got some ground and pound to get out.

Rush got a flash victory roll for two before the Come Up hit for 2.5. Nese avoided the Final Hour by going to the other corner. He hit a Macho Man throat snap over the top, but the double-jump moonsault missed. A pumphandle Michinoku driver got two for Nese.

Nese went up, but Rush kicked the rope and hit the grounded buzzsaw kick. A pop-up uppercut nixed the Final Hour. Nese went for a 450 to Rush on the apron, but Rush attacked him up top and they both shoved each other to the floor for a double countout tease. Nese tossed Rush over the announce table to get the win by countout.

Well, that sure seems like a great finish for a 205 Live main event. We had two actual finishes on the show that were variants of the same move, then a lame countout finish to close it out.