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WWE 205 Live results: Lorcan & Burch vs. Gulak & Nese

Lio Rush winning the Cruiserweight title number one contender's match on last week's NXT was showcased at the start of the show. Cruiserweight Champion Drew Gulak said that another ghost from his past is back to try and take his title -- and that's fine. He evolves with time and adapts to everyone and there's nothing Rush can do that he isn't prepared for. Gulak said that he's the law.

The Singh Brothers talked about Angel Garza facing Humberto Carrillo tonight and how sad it is that jealousy is tearing their family apart. The Singhs also said they're close to returning to competition.

Carrillo came down and Aiden English swooned over him -- and at least someone was making noise because the crowd was already dead. Garza's theme having swooning women in it is perfect, and Vic Joseph let us know that this match came about when Garza was wished a happy birthday by Carrillo via social media and not with a phone call.

Humberto Carrillo defeated Angel Garza 

English started the match talking about all the things he would do for Carrillo on his birthday -- shrimp, pastries, flowers, and even Circuit City gift cards. Carrillo and Garza exchanged some random leg holds before Garza grazed his hair and Carrillo bumped around. English further talked about Carrillo and said that he'd get him the 2K game so Carrillo could play as himself and he'd get him a great sound system to help him play as himself even better. 

Garza told Carrillo to stop so he could take off his tear-away pants -- and he did so and then planted Carrillo on the apron for a basement dropkick. Garza landed a nice moonsault off the second rope to the floor that got the crowd alive before another beautiful basement dropkick. That's a little move you see done a billion times -- but you don't really notice it until it's done well.

Garza set Carrillo up in the Shattered Dreams position in the corner and hit a dropkick to the knee for two.

Garza followed up on the leg work with a random head and arm lock. Carrillo escaped and hit a front-flipping dropkick out of the corner. Carrillo hit a flip dive and a nice missile dropkick for two. Garza landed a split leg drop and a basement hesitation dropkick for two.

An apron high kick hit for Carrillo and led to a soaring uppercut for two. Carrillo locked on a rocking horse, but Garza escaped and locked him in one before he had to drop Carrillo due to exhaustion. Carrillo got a flash cradle for two. Garza got a quebrada for two and he charged into a post. Carrillo then hit an Aztec Press to win it.

Brian Kendrick beating up Jack Gallagher and Akira Tozawa last week was recapped. Sarah Schreiber interviewed Kendrick, who said that he did what he did because of all of the disrespect going on in his locker room. He is the reason all of them are here. Without him, there is no division. Kendrick said he was the first Cruiserweight Champion and yet he hasn't gotten a title shot in three years.

Gulak and Tony Nese entered in matching gear, and Nese's junior Tanahashi getup works surprisingly well with Gulak's Dr. Death starter kit.

Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch defeated Tony Nese & Cruiserweight Champion Drew Gulak

On commentary, Dio Maddin put over Burch as someone who loves to knock the snot out of people. Burch locked on a variety of neck locks on the mat to start before he and Lorcan double-chopped Gulak down for two. A double suplex then got them two again.

Nese tagged in and worked over Burch with a head crank. Lorcan came in and ate an eye poke and neck snap over the rope before a double-jump moonsault got two. Gulak tagged in and grounded Lorcan. Burch tagged in and knocked Gulak down before a brawl broke out. Lorcan tagged back in and got two off a blockbuster.

Lorcan got a half-crab on Gulak while Burch applied a crossface on Nese.

Nese hit a 450 on Burch for two before Lorcan made a save. A Doomsday uppercut then got two for Burch. Nese cradled Lorcan with the tights for two. Burch then tagged in and he and Lorcan hit a double-team DDT to pick up the win.

This was technically good, but it felt like more of a series of moves than a match telling a story. Still, they did make Lorcan look strong and Burch was given an impressive debut on the show. I thought for sure they would have him debut by losing -- but that didn't happen and it made his team with Lorcan more credible as a result.