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WWE 205 Live results: Lorcan vs. Daivari, Tozawa vs. Gulak

Drake Maverick ran through tonight's card, which features Oney Lorcan vs. Ariya Daivari and Akira Tozawa vs. Noam Dar.

Lorcan and Daivari were both shown working out a bit for their match.

Tozawa came out to the ring, then Drew Gulak (who was wearing new black gear) attacked Dar as Dar made his entrance. He dropkicked Dar's left knee into the steps. 

Maverick came down and Tozawa wanted to face Gulak. Maverick made the match official.

Drew Gulak defeated Akira Tozawa

Gulak hit some stiff chops before Tozawa landed a nice kick to the spine. Gulak hit a fallaway slam and a stiff boot for two. He slammed away a ton before cranking on Tozawa's neck and hitting elbows to the side of the head.

Gulak avoided a suicide dive, but he ate a somersault senton off the apron to the floor from Tozawa. Tozawa got the iron octopus, but Gulak slowly got to the rope using his right foot. Gulak applied a cloverleaf. Tozawa escaped it, only to eat a lariat and a gutwrench suplex.

Tozawa went for a fireman's carry slam. He struggled to lift Gulak but was able to muscle him up and then hit a basement dropkick.

Tozawa went up top for the senton, but Gulak cut him off and hit a superplex. Gulak then hit a torture rack neckbreaker to pick up the win.

Mike Kanellis complained about being overlooked despite beating Brian Kendrick. He's tired of Maverick chasing the 24/7 title. Mike wants the Cruiserweight Championship -- because he's Mike Kanellis and he's better than the best.

Sarah Schreiber asked Cruiserweight Champion Tony Nese if he fears Gulak now, and Nese said he's used to Gulak being like this. Nese said he didn't understand Maverick making the Gulak vs. Tozawa match, but he understands because Maverick has lost his focus a bit. Nese is fine with whoever Maverick wants to put him against.

The Lucha House Party cut a promo on Lars Sullivan and claimed that the fans are "lucha lit" to see them face Sullivan at Super ShowDown on Friday.

Oney Lorcan defeated Ariya Daivari

They started off with a nice tie-up, with Nigel McGuinness saying that Lorcan being able to wrestle already is a testament to how good he is given how grueling the Tag Team title ladder match at TakeOver XXV was.

Lorcan landed a slick standing surfboard before Daivari turned it around. They played a game of cat-and-mouse on the floor, then Daivari got two off an iconoclasm from the top. The High Fly Flow missed for Daivari. Lorcan hit a corner uppercut and then a blockbuster DDT for two.

Daivari locked on a Million Dollar Dream and McGuinness talked about how -- thanks to inflation -- that's now a Billion Dollar Dream. That's easily one of his best lines all year.

Daivari went for a lazy cover, but Lorcan turned it into a crucifix for the win. Daivari tried to jump Lorcan, but Lorcan dumped him to the floor.