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WWE 205 Live results: Lucha House Party vs. Itami & Tozawa

The issues between Hideo Itami & Akira Tozawa and the Lucha House Party were recapped to start things off. Buddy Murphy's attack on Cedric Alexander from last week was shown as well, and Mustafa Ali came out with his Sub-Zero gear -- so he's going to get his money's worth out of that.

Dasha Fuentes was backstage and interviewed Ariya Daivari about issuing a challenge to Ali because he blew his biggest chance at success. Daivari vowed to show why he should get the next shot and not Ali. Percy Watson put over Ali working three jobs to support his family while Daivari has had everything handed to him.

Mustafa Ali defeated Ariya Daivari

Daivari jumped him and stomped away to start. Ali got one off a running rana. He jumped up, but Daivari kicked his legs out and hit a backstabber. Daivari continued to work on his back, but Ali responded with overhand shots. Daivari locked on a reverse bearhug, but Ali escaped before eating a superkick for two.

Daivari told Ali he blew it at WrestleMania, so Ali hit a pop-up dropkick that sent him to the floor. Ali charged at Daivari but took a spinebuster on the floor. Daivari hit the frog splash for two. Ali got a two count of his own off a schoolboy, but a giant lariat led to another two for Daivari.

Daivari went for a super back suplex, but Ali flipped back and Daivari hit hard -- allowing Ali to land the 054 to win it.

Murphy's attack was shown in full, with Watson being greatly offended by it. Alexander responded to the attack with an all-caps response on Twitter. Drake Maverick announced that Murphy's work has made him a title-level contender and signed Alexander vs. Murphy in a Cruiserweight Championship match for the Greatest Royal Rumble. However, Murphy did not make weight earlier today.

I like that as a face, Murphy making weight was a sign of his dedication and now that he's a heel, he's slacking -- and also that we never see anyone else weigh in. Murphy will be able to compete on 205 Live if he makes weight later -- but he won't get a shot in Saudi Arabia. Maverick made a cruiserweight gauntlet match for next week and the winner gets the Greatest Royal Rumble title shot.

Jack Gallagher and Brian Kendrick came out to face a pair of jobbers.

Jack Gallagher & Brian Kendrick defeated Vinny Scolice & Kevin Deterbris

Gallagher controlled Scolice on the mat with a variety of arm locks. Gallagher fireman carry dropped him onto the ropes into a yakuza kick from Kendrick. Kendrick landed some grounded elbows and locked on a dragon sleeper. Scolice got a shot in, so Kendrick hit a  stiffer shot and sent him down before throwing him into Deterbris

Deterbris got dominated, but he landed a big forearm before Gallagher came back in and smashed his face on the apron. Kendrick re-entered and won with the Captain's Hook.

Ali was interviewed, saying he hopes Murphy comes back to 205 Live and mentioning that he's looking forward to the gauntlet next week.

Drew Gulak talked about proving his superiority last week against Mark Andrews and said that Tony Nese doesn't deserve a rematch with him, declaring himself for the gauntlet before scowling menacingly.

Gran Metalik was out in an incredible all-black getup, while Itami and Tozawa posed on the ramp.

Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado defeated Hideo Itami & Akira Tozawa

A slugfest on the floor started things off fast before a double dive. Metalik landed a nasty overhand chop to Tozawa, then Dorado joined in. Kalisto watched backstage and Dorado hit a splash for two. Tozawa and Metalik fought on the apron, with Tozawa taking him down with a high kick to the floor. Tozawa dove on the pile on the floor to take them down.

Itami and Tozawa stomped away at Dorado in the corner before landing a pair of corner charges. Tozawa and Itami locked their respective rivals in submissions until Dorado fell into the other submission to break it up. Tozawa ripped at the mask of Dorado, which offended Watson and "the lucha nation."

Dorado got a cradle until Itami broke it up at two. Tozawa slugged Dorado down while the fans did Tozawa's yell. Metalik came back and landed a series of tilt-a-whirl backbreakers and a double dropkick, taking down both men. Metalik hit an Asai moonsault to the floor while Dorado hit a golden triangle moonsault.

Tozawa sent Metalik into the announce table and the crowd chanted for blood. Tozawa teased a senton off the top to the announce table, but Dorado broke it up. Dorado had to fight both foes off, allowing Metalik to hit a sunset bomb Tower of Doom.

Tozawa and Dorado exchanged blows mid-ring until Dorado hit a rana. A tornado kick landed for Tozawa, then he hit the senton off the top before Metalik made a save. He went for a Metalik Driver, but Tozawa avoided it and Itami hit his weird knee facebuster thing for two when Dorado broke up a cover.

Dorado connected with a springboard stunner for two. Itami hit the KENTA combo and landed the hesitation basement dropkick. Metalik got a flash cradle for two. Itami avoided a Metalik Driver -- and a miscue led to Tozawa kicking Itami. Metalik hit a rope-walk elbow while Dorado hit a Shooting Star Press for a double pinfall win.

Kalisto came in and the Lucha House Party celebrated with noisemakers.