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WWE 205 Live results: Mike & Maria Kanellis debut

Cedric Alexander vs. Buddy Murphy from Super Show-Down was recapped to start the episode off, and Murphy's win was put over as a huge deal. We also found out about a Twitter beef between Alexander and Tony Nese -- leading to a match tonight.

Lio Rush entered in a Bobby Lashley shirt to a sea of boos. Rush said he's here to make someone famous -- and while Indianapolis is used to speed, they've never seen anything like Lio Rush. Lince Dorado came out to accept the challenge.

Lio Rush vs. Lince Dorado ended in a no contest

They started things off with a stalemate off of arm drags and dropkicks. Dorado then got a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for one. He went up top, but Rush knocked him down with a kick and sent him to the floor before taking him out with a dive.

Rush trapped Dorado in the corner and scratched his chest before getting two off a back suplex. Rush knocked him down with a forearm shot and went to take Dorado's mask off. Dorado knocked him back. Dorado tried to reattach the mask -- giving Rush a chance to shotgun dropkick him. 

Dorado fired back with a big overhand chop and took Rush down with a fallaway facebuster. Dorado landed a High Fly Flow crossbody for two. Rush hit a pair of kicks before landing a double-rotation Unprettier for two. Dorado rolled away to avoid the frog splash and got a flash cradle for two.

Dorado hit a bronco buster, and a Lethal Injection sent Rush outside. A dive took Rush down on the floor before Mike Kanellis' theme hit and he knocked Dorado off the top rope. Kanellis hit a spinning DDT -- and Mike and Maria Kanellis stood tall in their show debut.

Murphy cut a selfie promo about no one being able to stop the unstoppable. He's going to stay in Melbourne as long as he wants and return to 205 Live when he's ready.

Alexander and Mustafa Ali chatted. Ali faces Hideo Itami in two weeks in a falls count anywhere match. Ali warned Alexander about facing Nese too soon after coming back from Australia. Alexander said he'll beat Nese tonight and ensure that Murphy hears the beating all the way in Australia.

Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher's beatdown of Brian Kendrick from last week was shown. Gulak talked about it being tough to end a partnership, but it was essential. Gallagher said that Kendrick has gone soft and Gulak could not allow Kendrick to hold them back any longer. Next week, they will take out Akira Tozawa.

Tony Nese defeated Cedric Alexander

Alexander grabbed a headlock to start, but Nese took him down and worked the arm. Alexander dropkicked Nese and chopped him in the corner before stomping a mudhole in him. Nese pulled Alexander out to the floor back-first. Alexander landed a kick in the corner and charged off the rope but got pounced.

Nese worked a long bodyscissors before eating a hopping flatliner off the ropes. Alexander landed a flip dive and a springboard lariat for two. Alexander's snap Michinoku driver got 2.5. Nese caught him off the flatliner and landed a big uppercut and a gut shot for 2.5. They traded shots mid-ring, with Alexander going for chops and Nese going for kicks.

Nese landed a forearm, but he ate a Neuralyzer. Alexander hit a standing Spanish Fly for 2.9, with Nese getting his foot on the rope. Nese avoided the Lumbar Check and German suplexed Alexander into the buckle before the Running Nese hit and Nese won with a 450 splash.