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WWE 205 Live results: Mustafa Ali vs. Drew Gulak

The Big Takeaway --

The issues between Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallagher continued as Kendrick destroyed a British upstart, Drew Gulak and Mustafa Ali stole the show with a must-see two-out-of-three falls match, and Akira Tozawa and Ariya Daivari closed the episode with a very good main event that didn't quite reach the heights of the opener.

Show Recap --

The show began with a video showing off a ton of flying, leading to a rundown of Drew Gulak's issues with Mustafa Ali. Gulak was shown beating Ali but falling to both mat holds and his own attempt at high-flying.

Vic Joseph and Corey Graves hyped up tonight's two-out-of-three falls match as the first one on 205 Live. Also on the show, Akira Tozawa will face Ariya Daivari.

Gulak's annoying siren bullhorn is actually perfect for this show since it will at least annoy people enough to make them do something.

Mustafa Ali defeated Drew Gulak in a two-out-of-three falls match

Gulak worked on the arm to start things off, but Ali flipped out of the hold. Gulak then got a long headlock until he ate a tackle. Ali got two off a crucifix and then used a weird victory roll cradle for another near fall. After that, Ali scored a fall off of a wacky cradle -- so he went up one fall to zero.

Gulak was enraged and pulled the top off the announce table. It's amazing how much he looks like Simon Dean facially doing this kind of gimmick. 

Ali got two off a dropkick and landed a big forearm to the jaw on the apron. Gulak tossed him over the top to the floor. Gulak got a chinlock before stomping him in the corner. He began verbally abusing Ali, with this greatly angering him.

Ali grabbed Gulak's foot and spun him around for a dragon whip. A corner high kick sent Gulak mid-ring and Ali landed a rolling neckbreaker and a baseball slide on the floor.

Gulak tossed Ali into the timekeeper's area. Ali dove off the dasher boards and hit a rana before landing on his head and shoulder awkwardly. Well, that could have ended quite badly. Gulak threw him in and pulled him off the ropes before earning a fall with a dragon sleeper.

Ali got a small package for two. Gulak took him down for another chinlock, but Ali grabbed his arm and went for a run-up rana before eating a powerbomb for two. That was the nastiest powerbomb on WWE TV since Eddie Guerrero powerbombed Lita on the floor.

Ali followed with a nasty reverse rana. Gulak went to the floor to heal up, but he ate a flying somersault dive off the top. Ali went for a crossbody off the top and, like before, Gulak tried to get the win, but it only got two.

Gulak suplexed Ali into the buckle for a close near fall. He landed a series of forearms and then got a headbutt to the gut. Ali spiked him with a jumping tornado DDT for a near fall. Gulak locked in the dragon sleeper, but Ali turned it into a cradle for two.

Ali took a big lariat that almost ended the match. Gulak went up top again, but he took too long and Ali landed a big rana and won it with the inverted 450. This was easily Gulak's best showing in the company, and this division really can shine when it's given time.

We got a recap of Titus O'Neil throwing in the towel for Tozawa last night. WWE.com footage was shown of Apollo Crews and Tozawa having an incredibly organic conversation with Crews talking about how O'Neil cares about them and how Crews and Tozawa are long-time friends.

Brian Kendrick came down to face a British jobber before insulting him, Jack Gallagher, and Manchester. He called his opponent "kid" constantly, and it's funny to see Kendrick go from being the young upstart in WWE to now being the bitter veteran.

Brian Kendrick defeated Devin Bennett

Kendrick beat him up and asked him if he's a clown or a fighter. He then hit a big boot and locked on the Captain's Hook to win it. Kendrick stood atop Bennett and put his flag high. There's a lot to like with Kendrick's overall act, but he just isn't clicking.

A Noam Dar vs. Cedric Alexander recap video showcased last week's events with Dar losing and then breaking up with Alicia Fox.

Dasha Fuentes recapped that issue before asking TJP about his motives against Rich Swann last week. TJP said that he wants real competition between them -- and they'll pick partners next week for a tag match.

Drew McIntyre vs. Killian Dain was hyped up for tomorrow's NXT show. Ariya Daivari came down to battle Tozawa next, but he hyped up Iranian heroes first.

Akira Tozawa defeated Ariya Daivari

Tozawa chopped away with his good arm and landed a big dropkick before hitting a senton for two. Daivari tried to hide behind the ref, but he took a big right hook anyway. Daivari went to the floor and pumphandled Tozawa's injured arm. He pushed the elbow into the ring post connector before locking on an armbar.

Tozawa went for a sunset flip, but couldn't pull him down due to the bad arm, which got stomped. I like that -- haven't seen it before. Daivari pinned the arm between the steps and the post, but Tozawa kicked him to avoid further damage.

Graves talked about O'Neil not being here, but he didn't offer a reason why O'Neil would miss this giant match that is risking his client's health. Tozawa hit a snap rana and the suicide headbutt. He went for a Saito suplex but wasn't able to hoist him up. Tozawa landed a shining wizard that only got two.

The crowd started doing the "Ha!" stuff, but Daivari used a codebreaker on the arm. He dove onto Tozawa off the top, but it only got two while holding the tights. Tozawa rolled through and picked up the win by holding the trunks.

Daivari attacked him after the match and Graves talked about how Tozawa may have gotten the winner's share of the purse, but now he can't use his left arm.