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WWE 205 Live results: Mustafa Ali vs. Hideo Itami

Drake Maverick talked about tonight's show being combustible, with first-time ever matches like Kalisto & Lince Dorado vs. Buddy Murphy & Tony Nese. Maverick narrated the story of the match being a David vs. Goliath affair in a very Mid South-esque touch.

Hideo Itami also faces Mustafa Ali tonight, with a great video package showcasing their issues in multi-man matches. Maverick is seriously underrated as a video narrator, and he tells the subtext of the stories in the ring better than anyone on a major stage right now.

Nigel McGuinness, Vic Joseph, and Percy Watson talked about the main event being a possible number one contender's match post-SummerSlam. McGuinness said he would rather stick pins in his eyes and mouth instead of hearing the Lucha House Party's theme and noise makers.

Tony Nese & Buddy Murphy defeated Lince Dorado & Kalisto (w/ Gran Metalik)

Dorado evaded a double-leg while Kalisto danced around on the apron. Murphy then hit a knee on Dorado. Nese tagged in to stomp away and mocked the "lucha" chant before tagging Murphy. He went for the running suplex, but Kalisto countered it into a cradle for two and landed a basement rana.

Nese came in and got two off a double-jump moonsault. Murphy entered and landed a knee to the jaw for two. Murphy applied a long chinlock. Kalisto went for a tag, but Nese pulled Dorado down. The heels got shoved into each other, leading to Dorado getting a tag and crossbody blocking both men off the top.

Dorado hit a superkick and a lifting reverse DDT for two when Murphy made a save. The heels ate a double flip dive, but Murphy tripped up Kalisto and Nese schoolboyed him to win.

Maverick, in bright blue pants and a brighter orange jacket, talked to Ali about needing to slow it down or else he'll wind up in the hospital again. Ali told him not to worry and said that he's got this under control. Itami told Ali that he should have respected him.

A Noam Dar hype video aired, making him come off like a humble guy.

Noam Dar defeated Sean Maluta

Maluta was returning from his Cruiserweight Classic and NXT appearances. Dar went to work with a long headlock before bodylocking him into the rope. Maluta worked over Dar's bad knee, but Dar recovered and landed a series of body shots and a European uppercut.

TJP was shown texting on his phone and not looking at the TV before Dar hit the lightning kick to end it.

Earlier today, Cedric Alexander cut a promo on Drew Gulak being afraid of him and knowing that he can't beat him. Alexander talked about facing Jack Gallagher next week, while Gulak said he will deliver a steadfast division that brings true wrestling to WWE.

Akira Tozawa vs. Lio Rush and Alexander vs. Gallagher were hyped for next week.

Hideo Itami defeated Mustafa Ali

Ali flipped to avoid shots and then hit a spin kick that sent Itami out -- where he ate a flip dive. Itami recovered with some stiff shots, including a boot rake on the mat. Ali hit a crossbody, but Itami landed a spinning back kick to the ribs before Ali hit a forearm shot to the jaw. Ali overhand chopped him on the floor, so Itami kicked him a ton from all angles and then broke the count to come back outside and kick him some more. Heel Itami is so great.

They fought on the apron with forearms until Itami hit a shotgun dropkick to Ali into the post. Itami applied a chinlock until Ali recovered with forearm shivers and hit a corner high kick. Ali avoided a GTS and hit a series of lariats, another corner kick, and the somersault X-Factor. 

Ali hit a superkick to the back of the head, which Itami absorbed enough to land a spinning backfist before crumpling in exhaustion. Itami hit a falcon arrow to counter a spinning headscissors. Ali landed a sunset flip off the top into a Liger Bomb for two. Itami went for his knee facebuster, but that got countered until Itami landed a corner belly-to-belly for two.

Itami was sent outside and ate the blind diving tornado DDT off the top to the floor. Ali went for the 054, but Itami knocked him down and hit a tree of woe dropkick over and over to end it.

Somehow in all this, Itami's mouth got split open something fierce. Ali stood up, but collapsed -- furthering the story of Maverick telling him to slow down or he'll pay for it. Maverick called for medics to help him.