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WWE 205 Live results: Mustafa Ali vs. Jack Gallagher

The show began with a recap of Mark Andrews debuting on 205 Live and beating Akira Tozawa to advance in the Cruiserweight title tournament last week. Drew Gulak snapping and beating Tony Nese was also recapped in depth.

Mustafa Ali cut a pre-taped promo about how he will beat Jack Gallagher, while Gallagher said that his cruelty knows no bounds. Buddy Murphy did a promo about being determined to win against Ariya Daivari. Nigel McGuinness talked about Ali's history as a Chicago police officer for a bit before throwing it to the ring with Daivari coming down.

Daivari cut an Instagram promo about how Murphy has to do more than lose weight to win. Murphy retained his Blake and Murphy dubstep theme, but he has tattered shorts as his gear. We saw Murphy successfully make weight last night.

Buddy Murphy defeated Ariya Daivari in a Cruiserweight Championship tournament first round match

McGuinness talked about guys rehydrating as a strategy in WWE, which was bizarre but cool. Murphy dominated a bit and got a "Buddy Murphy" chant, then a running rana hit for him. They went back and forth for a while on the apron before Daivari hit a falling inverted DDT to get an edge.

Daivari worked on Murphy's back while Vic Joseph asked how Daivari can research Murphy, and McGuinness gave the correct answer -- the WWE Network. Daivari used a long chinlock and Murphy recovered with a jaw-jacker. Murphy hit a corner kick and then a back-bumping missile dropkick off the second rope.

Murphy landed a series of running back elbows and a step-up calf kick. He avoided a corner charge and went up top, but Daivari rolled out and ate a flip dive. Murphy was low-bridged to the floor and ran in to eat a forearm, then Daivari hit a frog splash for two. Daivari followed up with the Rainmaker for another two count.

Murphy recovered and hit a modified KENTA combo and then a pumphandle Angle Slam to win. He was given a single chance on the (somewhat) main roster to shine and made the most of it -- the fresh blood on the show has been a godsend for it.

Backstage, Drake Maverick was in a very subdued outfit and revealed the title tournament bracket. Next week, Kalisto faces Roderick Strong and TJP takes on Cedric Alexander. TJP came in and talked smack to Alexander about how he'll fall short this time just like he always does.

Kalisto, Lince Dorado, and Gran Metalik came out for a Metalik and Dorado tag match against Evan Daniels and his partner, Degado.

Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado defeated Evan Daniels & Degado

Dorado hit a standing moonsault on Daniels, and then his partner came in and over rotated off a backdrop. Well, that could've blown a knee out easily. Metalik came in and hit the rope-walk dropkick to Degado, then Daniels tagged in and clubbed away.

Daniels hit a big forearm but ate a dropkick. Dorado came in, kicked away on both guys, and hit a twirling facebuster. Dorado hit a gorgeous crossbody for two -- that was easily the best-looking crossbody since Ricky Steamboat's heyday.

The jobbers were sent outside to eat stereo dives, and Dorado hit the Shooting Star Press to win it. It's so great to see undercard guys on the show given time to shine instead of just trading wins so everyone stays on the undercard treadmill.

Gulak cut a phone promo about how people say he went too far last week -- but by virtue of his victory, it proves that isn't correct. He said he will take Andrews down and force him to tap out. Andrews cut a promo on a phone from 2005 in a bingo hall.

Gallagher was shown shadowboxing backstage in a WWE 2K18 sweatsuit jacket. He came down in dark green long velvet tights with a logo on the back. This was in no way better than him kicking ass in a full suit.

Mustafa Ali defeated Jack Gallagher in a Cruiserweight Championship tournament first round match

Gallagher used a standing armbar and took Ali down before locking on a Fujiwara armbar. Ali showed that he can wrestle as well with a side headlock takeover. Gallagher flipped out of it, but he got locked in another headlock. Ali used a running arm drag into a half crab.

Gallagher did the corner handstand and added a little wave to it. A never-ending cradle exchange peaked with two for Ali. We got an extensive back-and-forth tie-up in the corner that Gallagher won with a headbutt to the gut. Gallagher went for a kick, but he got caught and ate a spin kick. Gallagher lured Ali to the floor, trapped him in the ring skirt, and clubbed away.

Gallagher tied Ali up on the mat while the fans chanted "Power Ranger" at Ali. He morphed into a comeback and hit a big dropkick and a running rana. Ali slid into the corner and went to the apron for a high kick. He hit a leaping X-Factor and was going to the top rope, but Gallagher grabbed his foot and ate a pump kick.

They fought up top and Gallagher pumphandled Ali's arm over the rope before slamming it into the post. Gallagher went for the cover, but Ali kicked out at two. Gallagher locked on a double wristlock on the mat and went for a submission, but Ali put his back on the mat to force a break.

Gallagher hit a hammerlock slam and locked on a hammerlock on the mat. Ali sent Gallagher out and went for a flip dive, but there was no water in the pool and he landed hard. They tried to sell it like Gallagher moved, but he never did and it all just seemed weird. Gallagher used a kneeling armbar, Ali escapes and hit him, and Gallagher locked on a Fujiwara armbar before Ali got to the ropes. 

Gallagher locked on a Kimura up top before Ali escaped that. Gallagher dropkicked him off the top rope and into the barricade. Well, that was just crazy. Ali's head hit the barricades hard.

Gallagher kept the attack going on the arm on the floor. He hit a hammerlock slam into the corner that Ali took right on his head. This was a career-shortening match for Ali, but it was fantastic. Gallagher got two and went for a cross armbreaker. Ali avoided that, but he couldn't avoid a series of Bryan Danielson-style elbows to the head for a two count.

Ali hit a superkick and a springboard DDT before the 054 hit for the win. This was one of the best matches in the history of 205 Live -- they gave Ali a true star feeling here tonight and told more of his personal story as a father and former police officer.