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WWE 205 Live results: Nese vs. Burch, Joaquin Wilde debuts

Angel Garza's Cruiserweight Championship win from this week's NXT was recapped to start the show.

Ariya Daivari walked down with some new gear and a fancy vest. He wanted to take out Raul Mendoza once again, with Tom Phillips talking about how they've recently gone back and forth and Daivari has been up and down since the summer.

Raul Mendoza defeated Ariya Daivari

Mendoza bowled Daivari over with a shoulder charge to start and tried to use his power to get an edge. A massive chop to the chest allowed that to happen. Mendoza hit a double-jump crossbody while Aiden English talked about Garza getting engaged. Mendoza landed a baseball slide to the floor, but he ate a post and that gave Daivari a chance to chop him and then get a dreaded long chinlock. He then turned that into another kind of chinlock. 

Mendoza escaped and hit a punch series and a big lariat. He would be a lot of fun to see against Shingo Takagi. A missile dropkick sent Daivari out and a run-up tornillo took him down. The iconoclasm and a frog splash got two for Daivari.

Mendoza hit a jump-up rana off the top for two. The Phoenix Splash missed for Mendoza and led to a uranage by Daivari for two. They went back and forth off elbows before Mendoza hit an enzuigiri and then a schoolboy got him the win. English called it the Raul Up.

A Joaquin Wilde hype video aired. It mentioned him nearly dying in 2017 and showed a highlight reel of his NXT work.

Joaquin Wilde defeated James Tapia

Wilde's theme is right in line with what he used as DJZ, but his presentation isn't anywhere near as good. He came off like a much bigger star with the light-up helmet and vest in TNA. He was making his 205 Live debut here.

Tapia was trained by Ken Anderson and Shawn Daivari. Wilde hit a headscissors from an odd position before a big dropkick. A sunset bomb was avoided, so he just hit a regular powerbomb and got the win with a somersault codebreaker into an up-kick and a cradle. That entire sequence is called Wilde Thing and is certainly wacky.

Fans were busy checking their phones while Wilde did his TNA horn bit to try and get a reaction, which didn't work. Wilde's a tremendous talent, but this presentation of him wouldn't work in Impact, let alone any part of WWE.

Garza's proposal to his girlfriend was shown -- so I guess he's a babyface or just supposed to be a likable heel.

Next week's episode will be part one of a Best of 205 Live show, with part two airing in two weeks.

Tony Nese came out to face Danny Burch and pointed at his abs. Nese really has one note to his heel act -- I think he's far better as a face because he can at least show some range.

Tony Nese defeated Danny Burch

They tied up with a long knucklelock, with Burch winning that with a hand stomp. Burch got a long chinlock and then a headlock. The rule that every match has to have a chinlock kills every single match on 205 Live -- which needs to feel different to accomplish anything beyond bolstering the company's roster.

Burch hit some uppercuts and tossed Nese into the dasher boards. Burch went up for another uppercut, but Nese pulled him to the mat and threw some punches that miss by a mile.

Burch hit a series of forearms before Nese landed a Randy Savage rope throat snap and a springboard moonsault for two. Nese got a long bodyscissors, which is different than the mandatory chinlock but just as much of a match-killer. Burch broke it, so Nese clubbed away and then got cocky. Burch used this time to missile dropkick him.

Nese went up top and ate a Tower of London and then a crossface. Nese escaped and sent Burch out for a Fosbury flop. A 450 missed and Burch applied another crossface, which Nese got a schoolboy out of. A Backlund lift bucklebomb by Nese led to the Running Nese to end it.