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WWE 205 Live results: Nese vs. Gulak, Singh Brothers in action

In the opening video, Tony Nese talked about fighting to build 205 Live since being in the very first match on the first episode of the show. Nese said he takes pride in testing himself against the best, and that isn't going to change because he's Cruiserweight Champion. This is his show. If Drew Gulak wants to step up tonight, he better bring his very best.

Gulak said his plans for 205 Live haven't gone perfectly -- but all it takes is one opportunity to change your fortune. Gulak said he's dominated Nese in their matches, with the one exception being when Nese beat him in the number one contender's tournament. Gulak called that exception an outlier.

David Otunga was on commentary with Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, and Aiden English, giving a show with three matches at most four commentators.

Lince Dorado & Gran Metalik came out to face the Singh Brothers, who were in full Bollywood Boyz getup. The dancing and terrible outfits made this either better than it was before or much worse. Hearing them brag about facing World Champions is hilarious.

The Singhs said they're back to take the division into the future and bragged about being undefeated on 205 Live. English said they did win their first match on 205 Live and then never wrestled on the show again.

The Lucha House Party (Lince Dorado & Gran Metalik) defeated The Singh Brothers

Metalik and Dorado landed an axe handle. On commentary, McGuinness said the Singhs made AJ Styles and Randy Orton famous working with them. Dorado hit a crossbody on both Singhs while McGuinness talked about how big the Singhs are in Bollywood. A double-team wheelbarrow bulldog got two on Sunil before Dorado hit a splash on him.

Sunil danced around, with Otunga talking about how they saved Jinder Mahal a ton. Samir got a long chinlock and English talked about how Bret Hart helped train them. Sunil tagged in for another long chinlock here in the opener of the cruiserweight show.

Sunil pulled Metalik down to prevent a tag, but Samir ate a Golden Rewind. Metalik tagged in and hit a springboard dive and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. The Singhs landed a double superkick on Dorado. Metalik hit a springboard elbow and then Dorado hit the Shooting Star Press to win it.

Drake Maverick told Humberto Carrillo to avoid Drew Gulak. Jack Gallagher then came in the room and said that he isn't medically cleared now -- but he will be in two weeks when they're in England. Gallagher said he has no ill will towards Carrillo, but he would respectfully like a match.

Brian Kendrick entered for a squash but was destroyed by Mike Kanellis on the stage. Akira Tozawa made the save for Kendrick, with Maverick and referees having to break things up.

Ariya Daivari cut a promo about beating everyone in his path and getting his shot soon.

Tozawa vs, Kanellis in a no DQ match was announced for next week.

Cruiserweight Champion Tony Nese defeated Drew Gulak in a non-title match

They started off with fast mat work with a lot of work on Nese's arms from Gulak. Gulak cornered him with a tie-up and hit a nasty overhand chop to the chest. Nese swept the leg and got a quick  one count before Gulak bailed.

Nese landed an impressive Fosbury Flop to the floor and then threw Gulak in to chop him. Gulak went to the floor again, so Nese trapped him against the barricade and chopped him. Gulak got an armscissors before Nese escaped and hit a wonky sliding knee.

Nese went for a corner Running Nese shot, but Gulak escaped. Nese wanted a suplex off the apron, but Gulak escaped that and slammed him on the apron for two.

Gulak used a chinlock and then hit a fireman's carry gutbuster for two. Gulak went up and ate an uppercut and jumping rana. Nese hit an apron high kick and a moonsault for two. He avoided a suplex over the rope and landed on the apron to hit a hip toss off the apron to the floor on Gulak.

Nese got a delayed suplex on the floor. He cornered Gulak, but Gulak pulled him into the buckle with his tights. Gulak put the Gu-Lock on briefly, but Nese escaped before Gulak cradled him for two.

Nese hit a pumphandle Michinoku driver for two. They fought up top, with Gulak hitting a Dean Malenko-esque super gutbuster for two. Gulak slugged away on a kneeling Nese before Nese fired up, gave him a forearm, and landed a punch flurry before a running elbow.

Gulak got the Gu-Lock on. Nese countered him, hit a German suplex into the corner, and wanted the running Nese, but Gulak hit a lariat. Nese went for an Omori driver that got turned into a sunset flip by Gulak. Nese kicked out, hit another German in the corner, and got the win with the Running Nese.