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WWE 205 Live results: Noam Dar quits Alicia Fox

The Big Takeaway --

TJP officially turned heel, Neville destroyed Akira Tozawa in a post-match beating, and the issues between Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallagher continued with another violent beatdown, while Drew Gulak vs. Mustafa Ali will happen next week.

Their feud will seemingly be blown off in a two-out-of-three-falls match, while the long-running Noam Dar vs. Cedric Alexander feud came to an end in an outstanding I Quit match.

Show Recap --

The show began with Titus O'Neil barking orders at Akira Tozawa over the phone. Apparently, Tozawa has been feeling bad about losing and O'Neil told him that he beat Neville fair and square on Raw and he got him a rematch.

Ariya Daivari came in protesting and told O'Neil to get away from Tozawa. Daivari told him that he's got a match with Tozawa tonight and wrestling is an art in Iran. He said that he will become a champion and he doubts Tozawa's honor. Daivari dedicated his eventual win tonight to greats of the past.

Cedric Alexander battles Noam Dar in an I Quit match tonight. Tozawa was shown losing at the PPV but winning on Raw.

Akira Tozawa defeated Ariya Daivari by DQ

Daivari started things off with some intense punches, but Tozawa countered with big dropkicks. Daivari backed him into the corner and stomped away before driving his knee into the back to get two.

Tozawa tripped him up and hit the giant jumping senton. He then snapped Daivari with a Saito suplex and went for the senton off the top, but Neville attacked him and slammed him into the barricade. Neville punted his hand and locked in the Rings of Saturn before staring down at Tozawa.

Drew Gulak was shown losing due to a high-flying attempt against Mustafa Ali. Gulak appeared backstage with a big sign saying that he had a lapse in judgment and it doesn't reflect his character. He went up top to get a better view and gave in to peer pressure by diving and lowered himself to Ali's level. Gulak challenged Ali to a battle next week to determine the better man in a two-out-of-three falls match.

Vic Joseph asked Corey Graves about what's going on with Kurt Angle and Graves said that isn't relevant, but if you want to talk about personal lives, there's the issue between TJP and Rich Swann.

A recap of TJP's issues with Swann led to a brief rundown of the slight differences of the old and new TJP. Swann came down in a horrible jacket that Graves rightfully buried. 

Rich Swann defeated Mario Connors

205 Live got a jobber for Swann to face, but TJP's theme hit after the bell. Connors dominated with a series of armbars before Swann got a headlock and a dropkick. Swann went for a corner flip, but Connors avoided it.

Swann recovered and slugged away before eating a La Mistica DDT for two. Swann got the kneeling legdrop and a buzzsaw kick before the Phoenix Splash ended it.

TJ got on the mic and gave Swann grief for not beating this guy fast enough. In fact, he'd have finished him in half the time -- and he'll prove it now. He'll give Connors a second chance on 205 Live right now.

Connors accepted -- which actually gave a valid reason for him getting so much in. He now has a bit of credibility. TJP said his goal is to beat him in under 3:49 -- and he wants to beat him in half the time.  

TJP defeated Mario Connors

TJP ran in and attacked the knee with a sick dropkick before going for the kneebar, but he got cradled for two. This fired him up and the Detonation Kick ended it. He got the win in 28 seconds.

TJP boasted and acted like he actually accomplished something -- so they're finally giving him an actual heel character now. 

Brian Kendrick came down dressed like Jack Gallagher and mocked him. He said Gallagher is a joke and a third-rate William Regal and talked about sacrificing everything he had to try and get back to WWE.

Gallagher talked about being in WWE and on 205 Live and it not being a right. He congratulated Kendrick for having a second chance in WWE after screwing up the first one and says he's been fighting since he was 16.

He cut a damn good promo about standing up for himself, his fans, and earning the right to be in this ring and walk the way he wants to because he can back it up, and if Kendrick questions him again, he'll knock his head off.

Gallagher demonstrated this by beating the hell out of Kendrick with uppercuts and a big headbutt that sent Kendrick to the floor. Kendrick used this to jump him with an umbrella. Well, this over-delivered.

Gulak vs. Ali was announced for next week and we got a long recap of the Alexander vs. Dar rivalry showcasing just how bad of a promo Dar is.

Cedric Alexander defeated Noam Dar in an I Quit match

They started off with a variant of the Frye-Takayama exchange before Dar landed more left-hand shots and a dropkick. They brawled on the floor and Alexander wanted Dar to quit after throwing him into the barricade before raining down punches.

Alexander set up a suplex off the steps before he got tossed off and left with a glassy look in his eyes. Dar hit a pumphandle on the arm before grinding on the bicep mid-ring, then stomping on the hand before locking on an armbar. Dar is really underrated as far as having a menacing style.

Dar removed the padding from the steel buckle, but Alexander used it for a finger-breaker that didn't end the match. They fought on the apron, and while Dar avoided a backbreaker, he ate a punt. Alexander went for a moonsault, which missed, so Dar just punted his knee and Alexander flopped down perfectly. Dar locked on an elevated half-crab that Alexander wouldn't quit from.

Dar ate a flatliner onto the ramp, but still wouldn't quit. They fought around the announce table area and Alexander was sent over the table. Alexander dove off of it and took Dar down with a lariat.

Dar went to attack him with a chair mid-ring, but Alexander countered with a handspring high kick. Alexander threatened to Pillmanize his arm, but Dar wouldn't quit, so he smashed his arm. Dar wouldn't quit, so Alexander stomped away at the chair until Dar submitted.

This almost came off like a heel turn for Alexander, but it was played off as a complete babyface move on commentary. This was a great match, but the finish was a bit odd and didn't quite fit Alexander's character.

After it was over, Dar quit on Alicia Fox as well. He bragged about everything he's done by the age of 23 and he said he's had a woman in every continent and every city he was in and he could get anyone in this city too. He talked about using Fox to get attention, and now he doesn't need her because she's more trouble than she's worth.

Well, he's certainly still a heel and I guess now she's just a scorned babyface. The show closed with her crying in the corner, making this one of the most purely awkward endings in quite a while.