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WWE 205 Live results: Number one contender's elimination match

Drake Maverick hyped up tonight's fatal four-way elimination match to set up Buddy Murphy's Cruiserweight Championship defense at Elimination Chamber.

Cedric Alexander, Akira Tozawa, Lio Rush, and Humberto Carrillo will face off to decide Murphy's challenger for the pay-per-view. Maverick talked about the accomplishments that make each wrestler worthy of being put in the match. Nigel McGuinness said he hopes that Carrillo will win, while Aiden English picked Alexander.

Mike Kanellis entered for a match, attempting to avenge last week's loss to Kalisto. Maria Kanellis joined the commentary team -- and McGuinness clapped mightily in joy.

Brian Kendrick defeated Mike Kanellis

Kendrick outworked with him an armbar for a while to start things off. Maria said Mike isn't afraid of losing, and McGuinness said Mike's afraid of losing his hair -- but it's too late for that. Ouch.

Mike posted Kendrick as McGuinness sang about the power of love. Mike applied a long chinlock, which after a series of armlocks earlier, made me think he's watching too many Baron Corbin matches. Mike hit a lariat, but Kendrick locked in the Captain's Hook. Mike got a finger on the rope to break the hold.

Kendrick got two off a superkick. Mike avoided Sliced Bread and hit a superkick that got two. Kendrick avoided a backpack stunner, but he ate a spinebuster for two. Mike landed a series of elbows to...what was supposed to be the jaw but wasn't no matter which camera angle they tried to switch to.

Kendrick wanted more. Mike went for a reverse DDT, but Kendrick countered it into a Sliced Bread for the win. This was a total nothing match. Guys did moves and no one cared. 

Tozawa beating Hideo Itami last week and Ariya Daivari then destroying Itami were shown -- so off of one guy leaving, they did try to get two people over and can tell a story of Tozawa respecting Itami and thus wanting to face Daivari in Itami's honor. Daivari's Instagram promo on Itami was shown. He said he's now looking out for himself.

The competitors in the number one contender's match cut promos about why they'll win, with Rush making the best case for himself.

Noam Dar and Tony Nese's brawl from last week was shown. Maverick told Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher that he won't allow anyone at ringside for the main event. Dar said he wants to face Nese next week. Maverick said no, but Dar said he'll just beat Nese up outside the arena. Drake made the match official instead.

Akira Tozawa defeated Cedric Alexander, Humberto Carrillo, and Lio Rush in a fatal four-way number one contender's elimination match

The faces threatened to gang up on Rush right away -- kind of making him a de facto babyface. Tozawa dove onto Rush on the floor and sent him into the announce table. Rush hit a giant tornado DDT on Carrillo for two. Carrillo hit a tornado kick on Rush, but Tozawa missile dropkicked Carrillo down.

Tozawa looked at the WrestleMania sign, but Rush cradled him for two. Rush hit a basement tornado kick to Tozawa for two. Alexander landed a Lumbar Check and eliminated Rush.

Carrillo hit a flying chuck to Tozawa before Alexander didn't get all the spring he needed off a springboard lariat to Carrillo, but Alexander saved it and kinda hit it. A replay showed him buckling the knee a bit.

Alexander and Tozawa punched each other on opposite sides of the top rope. Carrillo attacked them both and Alexander went down to the floor. Carrillo was sent into the ring -- and Tozawa eliminated him with the flying senton.

Alexander took his elbow pad off, Tozawa took his mouth guard out, and it was on! Tozawa got the iron octopus, Alexander tried to spin out of it, and Tozawa locked it on from the other side.

They went down after hitting each other with running big boots. Tozawa ate a back elbow, but he landed a snap German suplex off a handspring and then a second one for two. Alexander hit a giant Michinoku driver for two.

Tozawa landed an inverted rana after an awkward bit where Alexander just kept carrying him around the ring. The flying senton hit and gave Tozawa the win.

Murphy said he will take Tozawa out at the PPV and then cement his legacy as the greatest Cruiserweight Champion ever at WrestleMania.