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WWE 205 Live results: Number one contender's fatal four-way

While dressed like a Creamsicle, Drake Maverick narrated the opening video package about tonight's number one contender's fatal four-way match.

Drew Gulak was hyped as the master of the dragon sleeper who has used that to destroy every member of the Lucha House Party, while TJP was the first to hold the current iteration of the Cruiserweight Championship. Hideo Itami's international reputation was showcased alongside his recent loss, but Maverick was impressed by his dominance in the title match against Cedric Alexander.

Ali's impressive match with Murphy and drive have put him in this spot -- and in just a couple of minutes, the past few months of programming gained importance with how many accolades were brought up by Maverick.

Nigel McGuinness, Vic Joseph, and Percy Watson talked about the main event while Maverick was in another, far more hideous suit jacket. Akira Tozawa came down to face Jack Gallagher, who did a selfie promo for ladies and fellow gentlemen about him needing to defeat Tozawa.

Akira Tozawa defeated Jack Gallagher

Gallagher hit a knee to the gut and went to work on the mat. Tozawa escaped and hit a senton, but he got trapped in the ring skirt and was clubbed by Gallagher. On commentary, Maverick said he gave Gulak a shot tonight because he's a 205 Live original. Okay then. McGuinness asked why Murphy isn't in the fatal four-way, and Maverick cited Murphy losing two high-profile matches.

Tozawa missed a tornado kick, but he landed a gut kick and then hit the tornado kick. Gallagher rolled out to avoid a senton before eating a tope suicida. A missile dropkick sent Gallagher across the ring for two. A modified octopus stretch was locked on by Tozawa, but Gallagher countered it with a slam. Gallagher got a gutwrench powerbomb for a close near fall.

Tozawa recovered and landed a shining wizard. He went for a senton but got crotched up top. Tozawa reversed a superplex attempt with a gourdbuster and won with the flying senton.

Tozawa stared down Maverick after the match, and Maverick shook his head in approval of Tozawa's skills.

Backstage, TJP talked to the camera about the main event belonging to him and bragged about tearing out the knee of Noam Dar and beating the rest of the loserweights. Itami shadowboxed and yelled intensely in Japanese before saying that he'll beat Alexander next time.

Kalisto and Lince Dorado entered with new In Your House logo-inspired shirts before cutting a selfie promo with noisemakers. It was noted that Gran Metalik is out of the country dealing with his visa.

Kalisto & Lince Dorado defeated an enhancement team

Dorado did a "lucha" chant to avoid a test of strength. He hit a double Golden Rewind and nearly missed a flip dive, but the Salida Del Sol hit for Kalisto to give the Lucha House Party the win. Throughout the match, Murphy was shown watching it with an intense stare of disapproval. Somehow, Joseph turned all of this into a plug for WWE Evolution. McGuinness called the Lucha House Party losers even in victory.

Gulak laced up his boots and said that tonight's fatal four-way is a showcase for what's wrong with 205 Live -- it's unpredictable outside of one of them stepping to him and tapping out. Ali said he has to eat a few kicks from Itami, get his knee twisted by TJP, and survive whatever Gulak puts him through, but he'll hit the 054 and get his rematch against Alexander.

Lio Rush was asked about what he thinks about Tozawa wanting a rematch against him. Rush said he's already beat Tozawa -- and Tozawa should keep Rush's name out of his mouth. Rush's gigantic glasses were quite distracting in this.

Drew Gulak defeated Mustafa Ali, Hideo Itami, and TJP in a fatal four-way number one contender's match

Gulak started things off quickly by stomping away at Ali in the corner, but Ali evaded TJP and attacked Itami with a lariat. TJP ate a forearm on the apron by Ali before Gulak got slingshotted into him for two. Alexander watched backstage as Itami hit a hard knee to the gut of Ali.

Ali went for a double flying headscissors to TJP and Itami but only got TJP as Itami kneeled down. Gulak hit a hard lariat and worked on the neck of Ali. Gulak bossed Itami around, and Itami worked with him on a triple backdrop to Ali. TJP and Gulak sent Itami in for a corner lariat. TJP then went to steal the win with a schoolboy on Gulak for two.

Itami and Gulak turned on TJP before Ali dove on the pile mid-ring. TJP got a standing modified octopus stretch on Ali before locking Itami in an abdominal stretch at the same time. Gulak grabbed TJP for a Gory Special and turned it into a cradle for two. They exchanged headscissors on the mat and did a double nip up.

Ali nearly ate a double impact but shoved Itami into the buckle, knocking TJP down. Ali hit a lariat on Itami before dropkicking him down. Ali hit the rolling X-Factor on TJP and a DDT on Gulak for two when TJP and Itami broke it up.

Everyone took kicks and was down. Ali and TJP went down off a crossbody to one another. Itami and Gulak slapped each other, and Gulak landed a stiff running boot and a brainbuster for one. Itami hit a falcon arrow -- and Gulak kicked out at one. Itami and Gulak landed a series of kneeling forearms and a tie-up to the floor. TJP hit the triangle dropkick but got thrown into the barricade before Ali dove onto the pile on the floor.

Ali hit a big DDT on TJP and wanted the 054. It hit, but Itami pulled him out and trapped his head against the steps before landing the hesitation dropkick. Itami tossed him hard into the post -- only for Gulak to do the same to him and put Ali in the Gu-Lock. Gulak tapped out Ali for the win.

Watson talked about Gulak being the most dangerous competitor that Alexander has ever faced.