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WWE 205 Live results: Number one contender's match

Drew Gulak started the show off at a podium backstage and discussed the changes to the roster since WrestleMania and then talked about facing Humberto Carrillo, while Ariya Daivari faces Oney Lorcan in a number one contender's match.

Vic Joseph and Aiden English were joined by David Otunga this week.

Gulak walked down to face Carrillo. Jack Gallagher got on the tron and we saw an Instagram video where Gallagher said that Gulak used him and he only saw that when Gulak cost him his match against Carrillo.

Carrillo's tron has been upgraded from plain text to plain text that spins -- so he's ever so slightly getting a better than jobber-level presentation.

Humberto Carrillo defeated Drew Gulak

Gulak took him down quickly for two. Carrillo arm dragged and dropkicked Gulak out to the floor. Carrillo teased a run-up arm drag from the floor, but he stood on the post, waved at Gulak, and kicked him before landing a triangle enzuigiri.

Gulak grounded Carrillo with a seated Indian deathlock before moving to a modified surfboard and then a chinlock. Carrillo hit a blind-dive crosschop off the top for two. Gulak landed a snap sunset flip for two. Carrillo hit an apron high kick and a gorgeous missile dropkick for two.

Gulak got a long ankle lock, but Carrillo cradled him and then hit a sunset bomb before winning with the Aztec press.

Lorcan said he's been training and sacrificing for a decade to become a champion in WWE -- and now Daivari stands in his way of getting a Cruiserweight title shot. Daivari said that he's been untouchable since dropping a lot of dead weight. He's unbeaten all year and doesn't care who the champion is -- nobody can keep him from winning the title.

Drake Maverick talked with Mike and Maria Kanellis about having the same conversation with them every week. Kendrick said that Maria cost Akira Tozawa last week, and Maria said that Tozawa lost due to his own actions.

Mike asked Kendrick why he was there, and Kendrick revealed that he was just a distraction. Tozawa jumped Mike, officials tried to break things up, and Mike punched Tozawa. Maverick told Mike and Maria to stand back because they were being unacceptable. English said what Tozawa did is okay because of what Mike and Maria did before -- so it's fine to be a jerk if someone's a jerk to you first.

Daivari and Lorcan entered for the main event before Cruiserweight Champion Tony Nese strolled down to scout.

Ariya Daivari defeated Oney Lorcan in a number one contender's match

They started things off with a tie-up that Lorcan won by bullying Daivari into the corner. Lorcan worked away with a headlock before Daivari went to the floor after an atomic drop. Daivari stopped a dive by Lorcan.

Lorcan won a chop exchange before eating a falling reverse DDT with a wacky full nelson into a spin setup that looked ridiculous. Lorcan ate a rope choke and then Daivari locked on a Cobra Clutch with a bodyscissors.

Daivari went for a suplex, but Lorcan turned it into an awesome intense Bret Hart-style suplex and sent him out for a tope. Lorcan went for the half-and-half suplex, but Daivari countered it. Lorcan hit a running blockbuster for two.

Daivari locked on the grounded Cobra Clutch again, but Lorcan fought out and slapped his face before landing a running uppercut. Lorcan hit a chain of lariats and elbows in the corner, but Daivari recovered and hit a frog splash and a Rainmaker to win it.

Nese clapped in approval and wanted a handshake, but Daivari wasn't down with that and we got a staredown over the belt.