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WWE 205 Live results: Number one contender's match

A recap of Drew Gulak's Cruiserweight Championship win from Stomping Grounds started things off. Gulak said that he has now built a better Drew Gulak after realizing he couldn't make a better 205 Live.

Gulak said he'll let Tony Nese and Akira Tozawa fight it out tonight to see who challenges him at Extreme Rules.

Jack Gallagher made his entrance, with Aiden English saying that Gallagher feels contentment -- a feeling that Gulak will never know as champion. Mike Kanellis came down, and Nigel McGuinness talked about Kanellis only being a month removed from his win against Brian Kendrick. English called it a single win amid a sea of losses.

Jack Gallagher defeated Mike Kanellis (w/ Maria Kanellis)

They started things off with some arm work before Gallagher worked Mike into a nice side headlock on the mat. Mike escaped and put on a chinlock. McGuinness ranted about Drake Maverick being distracted and being a terrible general manager before Mike hit a big lariat for two.

Gallagher was placed up top, but he fought off and dove into a boot for two. Mike chopped away, but he ate a series of forearms before fighting back with fists. Mike hit a superkick and got a schoolboy while holding the trunks, but the referee stopped the count after seeing it. Mike argued with the ref, and Gallagher hit a big headbutt and pinned Mike for the win.

Mike walked backstage and told Maria to tell Maverick that he's done. Okay, so Mike wants to leave 205 Live so he can...go vie for the 24/7 title?

Nese cut a generic babyface promo backstage about not making excuses and knowing the risks of the triple threat match, and he lost his title. He got a "What?" chant, then Tozawa got a bigger one after every sentence. Tozawa said that he'll beat Nese tonight and Gulak at Extreme Rules to become a two-time Cruiserweight Champion

Maverick was backstage in a terrible outfit and left Mike a voicemail burying him for being unprofessional.

Humberto Carrillo came down and smiled to no reaction.

Humberto Carrillo defeated Rob Rollenbeck

McGuinness put over Carrillo's cousin Angel Garza wrestling on NXT tomorrow. Carrillo landed a sloppy Tajiri-style handspring elbow, then a diving headbutt got two. Carrillo hit a missile dropkick and a corkscrew splash to win.

Carrillo can go, but his presentation needs to change. He doesn't stand out enough in the ring to overcome his character looking handsomer than he is tough.

Ariya Daivari's DQ loss against Oney Lorcan from last week was recapped. Sarah Schreiber welcomed Daivari in as her guest at this time -- and he told her to not stir the pot. He has expensive taste in clothes, but simple tastes in fighting. He said Lorcan cost him title shots and gave him six stitches.

Lorcan then jumped Daivari from behind with a chair and yelled at him, asking how it feels to get beaten up like that. Yet another babyface being a complete prick to a heel, thus stooping to their level instead of rising above it.

The Lucha House Party cut a promo on The Singh Brothers. They'll get their rematch against The Singhs next week, this time in a tornado tag match. English came up with 50 goofy nicknames to give the LHP while talking about them fighting for the honor of Penelope the Pinata.

Nese came down while Vic Joseph talked about how Nese has always wanted to face Tozawa one-on-one, so this is a dream match for him.

Tony Nese defeated Akira Tozawa in a number one contender's match

Nese landed a series of swift knees and kicks for two. Tozawa sent him out and hit a somersault senton off the apron into the barricade. Nese worked away with a long bodyscissors and then a long reverse bearhug.

Tozawa escaped, wanted the fireman's carry gutbuster, and landed it. Tozawa hit a suicide dive and sent Nese into the commentary team.

Tozawa got two off a missile dropkick and locked on the Iron Octopus before Nese turned it into an Emerald Flosion. Tozawa got up and ate a running boot and a spinning wheel kick. Tozawa avoided the double-jump moonsault, then Nese hit a Fosbury Flop on the floor.

Nese threw Tozawa in and hit the double-jump moonsault for two. They fought up top for a superplex before Tozawa clubbed away and wanted a sunset bomb. Nese avoided it and went for an Alabama slam, but it was turned into a Destroyer for two. Nese went for a Dudebuster that Tozawa turned into a crucifix pin for two.

Nese put Tozawa in the corner and went for the Running Nese before Tozawa turned into a cradle for two. Nese superkicked Tozawa and hit a German suplex near the bottom buckle before going for the knee again. Tozawa went for a sunset flip, but it was turned into a Dudebuster as Nese got the win. That's a far better finish than the corner knee, so he should probably switch to doing that and just keeping the corner knee as a flash knockout finish when needed.

Tozawa looked on defeated. Nese extended his hand -- and they showed each other respect to close the show.