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WWE 205 Live results: Number one contender's match

The Captain's Challenge match from last week was recapped to start the show.

Backstage, Drake Maverick told Oney Lorcan and Humberto Carrillo that -- since they were the survivors of the Captain's Challenge match -- both hold a victory over Cruiserweight Champion Drew Gulak. Maverick said he needs to find a contender, so the winner of Lorcan vs. Carrillo tonight challenges Gulak at Clash of Champions.

Kalisto entered -- with his Lucha House Party partners just going to the back to make it a fair fight as he faces Ariya Daivari. Well, that just seems like a bad idea given that Daivari can buy any ally at any time to get a win.

Ariya Daivari defeated Kalisto

Daivari mocked Kalisto to start before being floored with a flying shoulderblock. Kalisto sent Daivari out and landed a suicide dive. A corner battle exchange led to Kalisto's attempt at an eye rake being met with a leg trip that sent him down to the floor.

Daivari grounded Kalisto with a chinlock for a while, hit a reverse DDT, and later went back to a longer chinlock. The crowd was deathly silent -- they could be cardboard cutouts and would at least make more noise falling over.

A spinebuster got two for Daivari before he put on another long chinlock. Kalisto hit a series of overhand chops and a corner charge, then a basement rana got two and thankfully didn't lead to another chinlock.

Kalisto's rapid-fire offense brought the crowd to life with a mild lucha chant before Daivari took over. They fought over an apron suplex, but Kalisto out-struck Daivari and got an apron rana. Kalisto threw him into the ring and hit a 450, but Daivari got his foot on the rope for two.

Kalisto went for the Salida Del Sol, but Daivari raked the eyes and landed a Rainmaker to win it. This was a very good match at points but a mildly boring one when it wasn't.

Daivari jumped Kalisto before the rest of the Lucha House Party came down to make a save.

Tony Nese's loss last week was recapped and he cut a promo saying that being the Premiere Athlete just isn't cutting it anymore. Well, he does need a freshening up in terms of his gimmick as the ego-centric act doesn't fit him as a babyface. As a heel, it's too one-note to do him much good. 

The Singh Brothers were backstage and talked about taking a moment of self-reflection because they have sucked lately. They are going to go and look at all of their past footage and come back as the best team in 205 Live history.

Lorcan entered before Carrillo walked down with a greatly-improved presentation. He has a nice cape that matches his gear, along with his ramp tron matching his gear. He even had some fans slapping hands with him as he came down, but no audible reaction.

Humberto Carrillo defeated Oney Lorcan in a number one contender's match

Lorcan out-wrestled Carrillo a bit to start before Carrillo got two off of a springboard sunset flip. Lorcan chopped away at him in the corner before getting two off a gourdbuster. Lorcan transitioned from a reverse bear hug to a bodyscissors and then a cradle out of that for two.

Carrillo recovered and got a springboard crossbody, then a flip dive grazed Lorcan. Lorcan avoided an outside-in sunset flip with a running basement uppercut, but a corner version was met with a kick and then a Neuralyzer got two for Carrillo.

A handspring Japanese arm drag got two for Carrillo. A moonsault was met with boots to the face from Lorcan and they fought on the apron. Carrillo hit a springboard dropkick to the apron, then another flip dive hit flush. The handspring moonsault led to Lorcan uppercutting Carrillo, but Lorcan ate a Liger Bomb for two.

They got into a striking war before going outside. Lorcan landed a half-and-half suplex on the floor and then went up top for a flip dive onto Carrillo. Lorcan wanted a super half-and-half, but Carrillo countered it with a gourdbuster off the top and hit a rounding moonsault to get the win.

Gulak appeared on the tron and said that he was Carrillo's teacher before, but now he will teach him firsthand about pain and punishment. Gulak said that as long as the Cruiserweight title is in his hands, he'll continue to remind everyone that if change is the rule -- Gulak is the law.

They should have a fantastic match at Clash of Champions and it will be the biggest chance that Carrillo has gotten on the main roster thus far.