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WWE 205 Live results: Number one contender's match, Gable debuts

The Big Takeaway --

This week's 205 Live set up Stomping Grounds in a typical way -- but with atypical results. A fatal four-way to set up Tony Nese's challenger for the pay-per-view led to no true winner being decided.

Drew Gulak, Akira Tozawa, Humberto Carrillo, and Oney Lorcan all got to shine in a fantastic fatal four-way that ended with Gulak and Tozawa pinning each other at the same time. Overall, the show wound up taking a crowd that was dead at the start and didn't just bring them back to life, but kept them glued throughout.

In the opener, Chad Gable debuted on 205 Live and had a tremendous match with Jack Gallagher, showcasing their strengths and really letting Gable cut loose for the first time on the main roster. Gallagher was all marked up from the match, while Gable had a bloody mouth.

This was one of the best hours of TV WWE has put on all year.

Show Recap --

- Drake Maverick talked about taking his role as GM seriously and said he will not use his judgment for Tony Nese's next challenger. They'll have a fatal four-way to determine who it will be.

Akira Tozawa, Humberto Carrillo, Drew Gulak, and Oney Lorcan will face off in this week's main event, with the winner challenging for Nese's Cruiserweight title at Stomping Grounds

- Jack Gallagher walked down and they talked about him also wrestling on NXT UK and possibly spreading himself too thin. Chad Gable then made his 205 Live debut with a short haircut, a darker tan, and enough baby oil to make Michael Nakazawa jealous. The six-pack definitely makes him look larger than he is.

Chad Gable defeated Jack Gallagher by countout

Gabled worked Gallagher over on the mat before Gallagher counter wrestled him. This was great stuff, but it's a tough thing for an opener because the crowd doesn't want this kind of action on 205 Live.

A flying arm drag by Gable got a nice reaction, then that ended with a nice, long headlock by Gable. Gable won a knuckle lock that Gallagher turned into a bridge and they went back and forth on monkey flips. Gallagher got two off a quick cradle. Gable was sent to the floor and into the steps for a near countout spot.

Gallagher booted Gable's head when he came in and uppercut him. Gallagher worked on Gable's fingers for a bit and we got a view of Gable's bloody mouth. A chain of uppercuts by Gallagher led to a backslide that got two before Gallagher headbutted Gable a bit low. Gallagher hit a delayed suplex for two.

Gallagher was thrown into the buckle hard twice before Gable hit a chain of belly-to-belly suplexes and a bridging dragon suplex for two. That was a thing of beauty, and it led to a nice ankle lock. 

Gallagher countered it into a Fujiwara armbar before Gable turned it into a Tiger Driver with a jackknife cradle for 2.5. They won the crowd over with the fast-paced action.

Gallagher draped Gable's throat on the ropes and landed a big lariat. Gallagher was shown with his back all marked up before a corner dropkick missed. He went for a suicide dive instead, but Gable caught him with an overhead German suplex on the floor!

They were both out of it. Gable got in near the end of the count. Gallagher tried to get in too, but he couldn't make it in time. Gable won via countout.

This worked so much better in execution by the end than it seemed like it would in theory. This was the best outing Gable has had on the main roster, and Gallagher's part was far more memorable than usual given how marked up he was.

- Mike and Maria Kanellis complained to Maverick about Mike not being in the number one contender's match, Mike not getting the match against Gable, and how screwed over Mike has been by Maverick. This feels like it's gone on much longer than Jerry Lawler vs. Jimmy Hart did in Memphis.

Maverick mentioned seeing Mike and Maria's social media posts about their contract status. Maria buried Maverick for going after the 24/7 title and said he should stop worrying about their status and worry about his own.

- Drew Gulak's beating of Noam Dar and then victory over Tozawa were shown from last week. Dar somehow cut a heel promo about being beaten up, saying that 205 Live management doesn't care about providing a safe work environment for their star players. Dar said this would never have happened to him in NXT UK.

- The Singh Brothers came down and have added a clapper to their act.

The Singh Brothers defeated Dos Locales

The Singhs danced with the jobbers and one of the Locales got a schoolboy off the dance and then hit a dropkick. The Singhs did a dueling mudhole stomp in the corner. The Demolition Decapitation got the win for the Singhs, with them calling it the Bollywood Blast. WWE should just have them use their old Bollywood Boyz name if they're going to be doing this gimmick.

- Cruiserweight Champion Tony Nese was interviewed by Sarah Schreiber and discussed the wrestlers in the number one contender's match. Nese said he's sick of sitting on the sidelines and is ready for whoever his next challenger is.

Number one contender's match: Drew Gulak vs. Akira Tozawa vs. Humberto Carrillo vs. Oney Lorcan ended with a double pin

Tozawa hit a fireman's carry facebuster on all three of his opponents before getting a two count on Gulak. Gulak picked up Tozawa and hoisted him into a Lorcan uppercut. Gulak and Lorcan got into a chop exchange before Gulak worked over Tozawa in the corner. Gulak tossed Carrillo with a snap German, then got two off a snap suplex and locked on a neck crank. 

Lorcan hit the half-and-half on Carrillo onto Gulak. Lorcan went for a cover, but Tozawa hit a senton off the top onto him for two.

All four men fought on the apron before Carrillo knocked Tozawa down and missile dropkicked Gulak on the apron. Tozawa then hit a flip dive onto Gulak before Carrillo landed a Fosbury Flop on Lorcan. This got a giant "205" chant -- and it deserved it. Lorcan hit a double blockbuster and faced off with Gulak for more chops and slaps!

Lorcan evaded Gulak and then dove onto Carrillo and Tozawa on the floor. Ariya Daivari, who lost to Lorcan last week, then came out and jumped Lorcan.

Tozawa missed a tornado kick to Carrillo, but he landed it on his second attempt and went up top. Carrillo went up after him but got shoved into the barricade by Gulak.

Gulak wanted a superplex, but Tozawa clubbed his back to a loud "Ha!" chant. Gulak hit a headbutt and a superplex, but both Gulak and Tozawa cradled each other on the mat and the referee counted to three.

Maverick asked the two referees what they saw, with one ref giving the win to Gulak and the other giving it to Tozawa. This was done absolutely perfectly because each man's shoulders were down the exact same amount of time and neither went up.

This was a rare cliffhanger on 205 Live and it worked wonderfully -- this was a fantastic show overall.