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WWE 205 Live results: Number one contender's tournament continues

Drake Maverick ran through the number one contender's tournament so far. He said 205 Live will become the destination for cruiserweight wrestling in 2019 -- and that's why he brought NXT's Oney Lorcan into the tournament.

Cedric Alexander was hyped up as having achieved his lifelong dream of becoming Cruiserweight Champion last year, but he may not even get out of the first round now as he faces Akira Tozawa tonight.

An Oney Lorcan video package showed some of his best work in NXT. Lorcan said he adapts his style to anyone he wrestles and being in the tournament gives him a chance to compete at WrestleMania. Lorcan sees his style working well against Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy.

Nigel McGuinness put Lorcan over huge in his intro before Carrillo came down. Carrillo's presentation needs an overhaul -- his Times New Roman name-only tron does him no favors when he's being treated like a pushed act.

Carrillo cut a selfie promo saying that Lorcan is tough. Carrillo said he came to 205 Live to face the best and to fight for his dream.

Oney Lorcan defeated Humberto Carrillo in a number one contender's tournament first round match

Lorcan trapped Carrillo in the ropes while Aiden English said it's important that Lorcan not hit Carrillo in his beautiful dimpled face. Carrillo landed a running rana and narrowly avoided a half-and-half suplex.

Carrillo got a long headlock, but he got thrown off and Lorcan applied one of his own. Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher were shown watching the match backstage, with Gulak wearing a custom T-shirt with Carrillo's face and Gallagher's being fashioned into a sweater vest with the same design. Lorcan thrashed Carrillo in the corner with a lariat and then got a long chinlock.

Lorcan landed a series of hard chops in the corner, but Carrillo recovered and sent him out for a suicide dive. Lorcan went for a baseball slide, but Carrillo evaded and hit a flip dive to the floor.

Carrillo went for a springboard move, but Lorcan landed a big uppercut and a fisherman buster on the apron. Lorcan ate a big superkick and Carrillo went to follow it up with something, but he slipped and went for it again before landing a Liger Bomb for two.

Carrillo tried to hit a moonsault off the top rope, but Lorcan got his feet up. A giant lariat and a half-and-half suplex got the win for Lorcan.

Mike and Maria Kanellis talked to Maverick about Mike being promised a match. Mike wanted a tournament match but is getting a jobber squash match instead. Maria was insulted by this, but Maverick said it's due to Mike's win/loss record being poor and this will help Mike showcase his skills and get the ball rolling on success. Maverick making a variety of good points while dressed like a sofa was something else.

Mike Kanellis came out to face Colby Corino, which was a bit surreal. Colby was mentioned by Joey Styles on commentary during Steve Corino's first ECW pay-per-view match and is now wrestling on WWE television. Colby's blonde dye job is astounding.

Mike Kanellis vs. Colby Corino ended in a no contest

Vic Joseph started the match off by saying that Mike's win/loss record isn't impressive, while McGuinness -- in one of the best low-key lines in a while -- said that's only the case if you look at the numbers.

Mike jumped Colby with a ton of kicks and then hit Cross Rhodes. The match was announced as ending in a no contest because Mike assaulted him before the bell officially rang.

Tony Nese cut a selfie promo on looking forward to facing Drew Gulak in the tournament semifinals and beating him now because he's better than he was last year when Gulak defeated him.

Alexander said he cares about 205 Live more than anyone else and will do whatever he can to beat Akira Tozawa to move on in the tournament.

Cedric Alexander defeated Akira Tozawa in a number one contender's tournament first round match

They did a lot of matwork to start things off before Alexander got a modified victory roll for two. Tozawa sent Alexander out and went for a suicide dive, but ate a knee to the gut and then a double knee gutbuster got two.

Alexander worked the stomach more with a big takedown and reverse bear hug. Tozawa sent him down, but a senton attempt was met with knees. Alexander worked the back, but he was met with a series of chops. Tozawa sent him outside and landed a suicide headbutt that sent Alexander into the announce table hard. They got a big "205!" chant.

Tozawa landed a missile dropkick from two-thirds of the way across the ring and got two. Alexander escaped the iron octopus hold and hit a slingshot flatliner for two. Alexander hit a series of big forearms to the jaw before Tozawa landed a chop.

Tozawa avoided a Lumbar Check and then avoided another one with a wonky rana counter for two. Tozawa hit a yakuza kick and then another, but a third was met with a spinning back elbow. Tozawa hit a desperation DDT and a leaping inverted rana for two.

They hit double elbows before Tozawa took Alexander down with a grounded version of the iron octopus. Alexander tried to escape, so Tozawa got a deadlift German suplex! Tozawa went up for the senton, but Alexander grabbed him and hit the Lumbar Check to win.

This was an outstanding match -- one of the best on 205 Live this year. Nese vs. Gulak and Alexander vs. Lorcan will be the tournament semifinals. Both will take place on next week's episode.