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WWE 205 Live results: NXT UK wrestlers in action

Drake Maverick talked about 205 Live coming from England tonight and NXT UK stars being in action on the show.

A fatal four-way featuring Humberto Carrillo, Jack Gallagher, James Drake, and Mark Andrews will take place. The main event features Cruiserweight Champion Tony Nese facing Ligero in a non-title match.

Gallagher came out looking surly, while Andrews did his wacky dance. Byron Saxton joined Nigel McGuinness and Aiden English on commentary. Carrillo now has a cape and got zero reaction -- they definitely need to give this flashy, good-looking guy a tron that showcases that instead of just his name in an Arial typeface.

Humberto Carrillo defeated Jack Gallagher, Mark Andrews, and James Drake in a fatal four-way match

Drake hightailed it to let everyone else fight. A double headlock spot led to Gallagher just backing out of it. Drake drove Andrews' face into the mat with a modified facebuster before grinding away on Carrillo's face in the corner.

Drake locked Carrillo in a needlessly-long chinlock before getting into a forearm exchange on the apron with Gallagher. Carrillo hit a series of kicks and forearms before doing a few wacky flips and hitting a tornado kick and then landing a modified Fosbury Flop to the floor.

Andrews ran up the steps and hit a rana on Carrillo. Andrews moonsaulted off the barricade and Drake caught him before eating a satellite DDT. Gallagher got his umbrella and dove off the top again -- akin to his old days as a comedy act on 205 Live.

Gallagher hit a long delayed suplex before brawling up top with Drake. Drake ate a super reverse rana from Andrews before Gallagher landed a reverse headbutt off the top. Carrillo hit a twisting splash for two.

Gallagher forearmed Andrews and Carrillo before Andrews hit the Stundog Millionaire. A double knee slide kick on Gallagher and Carrillo hit for Andrews, but Gallagher got a running headbutt. Carrillo pinned the dazed Gallagher with a schoolboy to get the win.

Carrillo offered a handshake after the match and Gallagher accepted.

Ariya Daivari cut a promo from a tanning bed about Nese being intimidated by him. Daivari said Nese is running himself ragged by flying to the UK and facing Ligero.

Nese was interviewed by Sarah Schreiber and said that the smart thing isn't always the right thing. Nese said that it's tradition for the best of his division to face the best of NXT UK and he'll keep that tradition alive.

A Ligero hype video aired with him talking about why he wears a mask and how he has wrestled in 17 countries with over 2,500 matches.

The Lucha House Party cut a promo about facing the Singh Brothers next week.

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Tony Nese defeated Ligero in a non-title match

Nese and Ligero tied up and Nese won a corner shove. They went back and forth with a bunch of cradles for one counts. Ligero got a snap rana for two, then they exchanged chops in the corner.

McGuinness talked about Ligero being mocked as a kid for wanting to be a wrestler. Nese body-checked Ligero while going for a dive. Nese got a long bodyscissors and sent him into the corner for the Running Nese, but Ligero popped up and avoided it before Nese got another long bodyscissors spot.

Ligero got two off a fireman's carry slam and a buzzsaw kick. Nese hit a knee facebuster and a Premier combo for two. Ligero was caught off a moonsault and put on the ropes, but Nese's triangle dropkick missed and Ligero got two.

Ligero sent Nese out and landed a flip dive. Ligero threw him into the ring and went up top before Nese uppercut him and hit a rana off the top for two.

Nese shoved Ligero off the top and hit a 450 for two. Nese set up a German suplex in the corner, but Ligero avoided it and cradled him for two. Nese hit a corner Rampage bomb and the Running Nese ended it.

Nese put Ligero over in the post-match, while Ligero's body language told you this was the biggest failure of his career.

Ariya Daivari, who had claimed that he wasn't here, then ambushed Ligero before brawling with Nese and taking him down with the Rainmaker. Daivari is challenging for Nese's Cruiserweight title at Money in the Bank on Sunday.