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WWE 205 Live results: Oney Lorcan vs. Tony Nese

Drew Gulak retaining his Cruiserweight title against Humberto Carrillo and Lince Dorado on the Clash of Champions pre-show was recapped to start the episode.

Dorado came down to polite applause and a couple of kids doing the lucha bit. On commentary, Dio Maddin called the title bout a star-making match for Dorado, while Aiden English recapped the insults Ariya Daivari has slung on Twitter about Dorado not winning the match.

Lince Dorado defeated Ariya Daivari 

Dorado started things off with a springboard crossbody to the floor ala TAKA Michinoku. On the floor, Dorado did a barricade walk rana.

Dorado used a rolling victory roll-style headscissors out of the corner, but he got sent out by Daivari. Daivari applied a long chinlock before landing a nice DDT off a faux-Irish whip for 2.5. Daivari then got another chinlock.

Dorado landed a wacky backflip kick and got two. He hit a capoeira kick and a froggy crossbody, which got two again. An iconoclasm got two for Daivari before Dorado went for a Super Crazy trio of moonsaults, but Daivari avoided the third and Dorado rolled out of it. Daivari hit a Rock Bottom for two.

Daivari stopped short on a sunset flip and got two before hitting a powerbomb for another two count. Daivari set Dorado up for a superplex before Dorado fought his way out. English talked about Dorado being a rough, drag-out fighter...who I guess likes wacky cartwheel and handspring kicks.

Dorado sent Daivari down off the top and won with the Shooting Star Press after catching his feet a bit on the top rope. Luckily, Dorado still landed nearly perfectly and didn't get hurt.

Oney Lorcan taking a beating from Tony Nese two weeks ago was shown. Lorcan swore revenge on Nese first, then said he'll get revenge on Gulak and take the Cruiserweight Championship.

Jack Gallagher was mid-ring to face Brian Kendrick in a renewal of their rivalry. Backstage, Kendrick called Gallagher a liar and said that he was insulted by the fans only caring about Kushida last week, so Kendrick will show him what respect looks like.

Jack Gallagher defeated Brian Kendrick (w/ Akira Tozawa) by DQ

Gallagher outworked Kendrick on the mat by working on the arm. The commentary team called Kendrick a veteran and said he's been wrestling longer than everyone else in the division.

Gallagher did his handstand upside-down bicycle spot, which worked. The corner dropkick didn't, but Gallagher caught himself and sent Kendrick to the floor and into the barricade. Tozawa's "AH" chant got the best reaction of the night.

Kendrick kicked Gallagher, who fell into Tozawa and knocked him down. Gallagher argued with Tozawa and wanted him to leave, then Kendrick grabbed a kendo stick and smacked Gallagher to get disqualified.

Kendrick caned Gallagher on the floor and then mid-ring. Tozawa asked Kendrick what he was doing and went to check on Gallagher. He left his back exposed to a guy with a kendo stick -- and yeah, that didn't bode well as Kendrick hit Tozawa a couple of times. This got complete silence -- or as English put it, had the audience in complete shock.

Humberto Carrillo and his dimples said that he wants a one-on-one chance to face Drew Gulak. Carrillo said that if he can get that, then he'll win it.

English talked about wanting Carrillo to respond to some of his DMs before Lorcan entered to face Nese. God would Lorcan be perfect for the junior division in NJPW -- he feels like a fish out of water on WWE TV.

Nese got a mild reaction, but thankfully one kid did put his hand out to slap so Nese could deny it.

Tony Nese defeated Oney Lorcan

Lorcan slammed Nese down hard while fans sang his theme. He then sent Nese over the top with a lariat. They went to the floor for a brawl, with Nese tossing Lorcan into everything he could on the floor. Nese tossed him up and through the announce table.

After working on the back, Nese put a wacky chinlock on. Nese hit a long delayed suplex and got a long bodyscissors before snapping Lorcan's throat on the rope.

The double-jump moonsault missed for Nese, giving Lorcan an opening. He landed a series of corner uppercuts. Though Nese ducked a blockbuster off the rope, Lorcan followed up by giving him the running blockbuster.

Nese got sent ass over teakettle into the barricade. Lorcan chopped him before Nese hit a headbutt to the gut. Nese flipped out of a half-and-half suplex and landed a double stomp for two.

Nese went for the corner knee, but he ate a stiff dropkick. Lorcan set him up for a super half-and-half suplex, which Nese avoided. Gulak then appeared at ringside and distracted Lorcan. He tried to trip Lorcan while he was running the ropes. As Lorcan's attention was turned to Gulak, Nese pinned him with a schoolboy while holding the trunks.

Nese and Gulak celebrated on the ramp while Vic Joseph called them the law of 205 Live.

This was a pretty good wrestling-centric show, although nothing was must-see. The chinlock-fest in the opener killed that match and Kendrick's turn on Tozawa was more sad than anything else as it got no reaction. Nese vs. Lorcan was great from beginning to end and showcased the new heel team of Gulak and Nese in a way that makes them appear dominant.