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WWE 205 Live results: Oney Lorcan vs. Tony Nese vs. Ariya Daivari

Drake Maverick recapped how much of his show's roster has been drafted and added himself to the SmackDown mix. He said that 205 Live and William Regal have made a deal to allow some of NXT's lighter weight stars to come to 205 Live.

Aiden English talked about 205 Live being like quicksand and...that doesn't quite mean what he thinks it means.

Brian Kendrick's heel turn from last month was showcased as Jack Gallagher came down to face him. They brawled on the ramp before the bell. Kendrick hit him with a kendo stick, and because the match hadn't started yet, it wasn't a disqualification.

Brian Kendrick defeated Jack Gallagher

The referee determined that Gallagher could continue, and a butterfly suplex got two for Kendrick. Gallagher ate a nasty turnbuckle shot that would make Bret Hart smile. Kendrick applied a grounded abdominal stretch and worked on the ribs.

Gallagher recovered and ducked a lariat with a back suplex on the floor. A big missile dropkick got two for Gallagher. A superkick led to the Captain's Hook, but Gallagher turned it into a cradle for two. He then landed a headbutt and a corner dropkick for two.

Gallagher got a kendo stick and both announcers told him he's foolish for doing this because a loss here could hurt his momentum. Kendrick caught Gallagher, sending him into the turnbuckle and then hitting Sliced Bread to win.

Kendrick cheered himself while Gallagher scowled in the corner.

An Angel Garza video hyped him up as someone who thinks he's as cool as the other side of the pillow.

The "first overall picks in the WWE Bollywood Draft" The Singh Brothers came out to face Justin Alexander & Justin Morris. The Singh Brothers getting an enhancement talent match and not being the enhancement wrestlers helps them come across as stars. They got the first audible reaction on the show so far.

The Singh Brothers defeated Justin Alexander & Justin Morris

Samir Singh knocked Alexander down with a tackle and then danced. Sunil Singh wound the camera up and axe handled Alexander before getting a long chinlock.

Morris tagged in and ran wild with elbows before Sunil hit a spinning heel kick. The Singh Brothers hit a superkick/Bollywood leg sweep, a double superkick, and the Bollywood Blast (the Demolition Decapitation that got two earlier tonight in the Revival tag match on SmackDown) for the win.

Tony Nese defeated Oney Lorcan and Ariya Daivari in a triple threat match

Nese dominated Lorcan for a bit while Daivari relaxed in the corner. Lorcan came back with a flurry and hit a double flying clothesline to both men mid-ring. Nese got a long chinlock on Lorcan, with the fans firing up a bit.

Lorcan was double-teamed extensively. English talked about how one man has to turn on the other -- and Daivari turned on Nese. Lorcan landed several second rope cannonballs before doing one over the top to both heels twice.

Lorcan hit a double blockbuster before Nese ate a Daivari uranage. Lorcan hit a half-and-half suplex on Daivari, who rolled out to the floor. 

Nese avoided the half-and-half with a double stomp. He went up, but then saw that Daivari wanted to get involved, so he hit a Fosbury flop on him.

The 450 missed. Lorcan hit the half-and-half for 2.9, with Daivari making a save. Nese fell to the floor off the top ass over teakettle. Lorcan superplexed Daivari, but Nese flew in and landed the Dudebuster on Lorcan to win.

Nese grabbed English's headset and said that he is glad to see Lio Rush return to the division -- because Nese is getting his Cruiserweight title back soon.