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WWE 205 Live results: Roderick Strong faces Hideo Itami

Drake Maverick's debut from last week was shown, along with the announcement of the Cruiserweight title tournament.

Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness put over Maverick and announced Lince Dorado vs. Kalisto and Roderick Strong vs. Hideo Itami as tonight's tournament matches. Kalisto started things off with his match against Dorado. Joseph got in a line about how we'll see some good lucha things while Kalisto came out -- which was easily his best line ever.

Kalisto defeated Lince Dorado in a Cruiserweight Championship tournament first round match

They started this off by looking at the WrestleMania sign, as you do. Trip attempts by Kalisto and Dorado got nothing, then a simultaneous dropkick and kip-up exchange got a lucha chant going. Dorado used a monkey flip after a few corner strikes. Kalisto hit a suicide dive and sent Dorado into the announce table.

Dorado hit a flip senton through the middle rope to the floor. He locked on a chinlock and got Kalisto down before going for a flying move and rolling through before eating a quick superkick. They went to the top, and Kalisto ate a big super rana. He landed a step-up enzuigiri and kicked Dorado's legs out, but a basement rana by Dorado led to a sunset flip for two.

Kalisto hit a jumping high kick in the corner before landing a super victory roll for two. Dorado avoided the Salida Del Sol and blocked the Listo kick. The Golden Rewind hit for Dorado, but he went up top. He attempted the Shooting Star Press but couldn't make the cover.

Kalisto rolled outside and then used a flash cradle for two. He hit the SDS, but Dorado put his hand on the rope at 2.99. That was either perfectly-timed or late, but it was awesome.

For the finish, Kalisto hit a botched springboard rewind rana before landing the SDS to win it.

Roderick Strong's life story was recapped, with his parents struggling with drugs and alcohol and pro wrestling being what he credits for saving his life.

Cedric Alexander cut a promo about going on to the second round of the tournament until Mustafa Ali snuck up on him. Alexander warned him that it's all fun and games until someone gets a Lumbar Check.

TJP cut a reality show confessional promo about how he spent 20 years doing what he did for the fans, but now he's doing it for himself.

Next week, Akira Tozawa faces Mark Andrews in another first round match. An Andrews video aired, showing him shining brightly in the UK title tournament. Tozawa asked someone backstage who's going to win, and when they didn't say him, he threatened to fire them. Tozawa as Vince McMahon came out of nowhere, but it's hilarious.

Maverick met with Drew Gulak and Tony Nese. He asked Gulak why he's become a goof with PowerPoint presentations and signs, while Tony Nese is just busy bragging about his abs. Maverick announced that next week, Gulak will face Nese -- and he wants to see them step up.

Itami entered to face Strong, but first, Itami put him over and said that this is his tournament and Strong can't beat him in his home.

Roderick Strong defeated Hideo Itami in a Cruiserweight Championship tournament first round match

They exchanged mat work quickly until Strong got a bow-and-arrow hold, though Itami got a one count off a body press from it. On commentary, McGuinness talked about how many people got their offense from Itami.

Itami hit a middle rope knee drop to the neck. Strong avoided a corner leap with a kneeling gutbuster for two. Strong did a grounded abdominal stretch using the bad arm of Itami, and McGuinness pointed out that Itami is getting older and is more broken down and injured than when he faced Strong before. Well, that's an odd way to get him over. A backbreaker by Strong got two.

Strong talked smack and boot raked Itami a few times. Itami hit some palm strikes before eating a big dropkick. Itami hit a lariat while McGuinness talked about how many titles he won in Japan. A release fisherman's suplex hit for Itami, then he charged in with a boot to the face. He landed a diving lariat off the top and got two, but Strong hit an Angle slam for a two count of his own.

Strong went for a belly-to-backbreaker on the apron, but Itami fought free. They went back and forth with intense forearm strikes and fought on the floor, with Strong finally landing the apron backbreaker from a clinching position. Strong threw Itami in and got two.

Itami connected with a Falcon Arrow for two. There was a mid-ring forearm exchange and Itami locked his modified Rings of Saturn on, but Strong got to the rope. Itami hit his flying knee for two while McGuinness mentioned this being Strong's debut with 205 Live, so this may not be a one-and-done deal.

Itami hit a push kick to the jaw, but Strong landed a gutbuster. The Cloud Nine hit for Strong and he got a close near fall. Strong went up top, but he ate a kick. Itami hit him with a super Falcon Arrow for 2.9. Strong landed a jumping knee before beating Itami with the End of Heartache.

This was an outstanding match, but one greatly hurt by the crowd simply not caring.

Next week's card was recapped, with Andrews vs. Tozawa and Gulak vs. Nese in tournament matches, and 205 Live as a whole is definitely better with this structure -- it finally feels like the show has a destination in mind.