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WWE 205 Live results: Rush vs. Burch, Garza vs. Mendoza

Lio Rush and Angel Garza's issues were recapped to start the show.

Garza told Rush to take care of his family because all he wants is the title. Garza comes off as such a smug horse's ass in recaps -- it's tremendous. He just oozes sleaze in a way that hasn't really been seen since Jimmy Del Ray.

Rush faces Danny Burch tonight. Garza picked Burch as Rush's opponent, while Rush picked Raul Mendoza to face Garza. That started us off. Garza basked in boos -- well, he would have if the crowd made noise. Somehow, Roman Reigns being force-fed dog food on SmackDown didn't keep the crowd's interest well enough to retain anything for this show. 

Angel Garza defeated Raul Mendoza

Mendoza used a long bodyscissors to start. Okay, maybe that's not going to help breathe some life into the crowd. Garza yelled at a single fan and then got a long headlock before demanding a handshake loudly. Mendoza kicked his hand away.

Mendoza gave 205 Live a little bit of the Fenix with a rope-walk double-jump dropkick. Garza pulled him off the apron and once again loudly yelled at a fan to shut up. I love that Garza is both modern and yet bringing back '80s heel tactics that can be heard from across the building.

Garza took his tear-away pants off and Aiden English scolded Tom Phillips for talking during such a great moment. Garza landed a PK after superkicking Mendoza. A slingshot inverted suplex led to a basement superkick for two.

A half-crab Liontamer from Garza led to more shouting. Mendoza did a fired-up face and doesn't do a great job of emoting doing that, but he landed a lariat and calf kick.

Garza went for the Wing Clipper, but Mendoza flipped out and got two off a cradle and a run-up enzuigiri. The C4 hit for Mendoza and got two, but Garza hit the Wing Clipper to get the win. Garza desperately needs a better finish. A cocky luchador shouldn't be using Madison Rayne's finish from 10 years ago.

Garza defeating Gallagher last week was shown, along with Gallagher snapping after the match by elbowing and headbutting guys from the mount before headbutting Drake Maverick.

The Singh Brothers came down with an antique camcorder. They played rock, paper, scissors to determine who faces a jobber named Trent Newman. Tony Nese entered and volunteered to beat him. Someone do something, I don't care who.

Tony Nese defeated Trent Newman

Nese avoided a handshake and waistlocked him down quickly. Nese landed a strike combo to a mild reaction, which so far was the biggest pop of the night. A corner German and the Running Nese got him the win. English said that this match ended like so many others with Nese. A mild reaction and general fan apathy? Oh, the corner knee shot. Yeah, that too.

The Singh Brothers came in and hit the Bollywood Blast on Newman to get another pin and they danced for a while.

An Isaiah "Swerve" Scott highlight reel aired.

NXT Cruiserweight Champion Lio Rush defeated Danny Burch by DQ

Burch dominated with a long headlock on the mat. I love Burch's style, but it doesn't play well for 205 Live when it's taped after SmackDown and people are tired. It's a slow-burn style and this show desperately needs fast-paced lucha style to keep the crowd alive.

Burch sent Rush outside and sent his spine into the dasher boards. Burch lurched around and threw him in the ring for a two count. Burch got a long neck crank as the ref asked Rush if he gives up.

Burch turned the neck crank into a long headlock that Rush turned into a jawbreaker. Rush then got a running shove and hit a Tajiri handspring elbow, a handspring kick, and a low tope on the floor.

Rush backflipped off a kick catch and ate a giant headbutt. Burch hit a jumping corner kick and went for a German suplex, but Rush held onto the ropes. Rush turned it into a victory roll, but he ate a German and a Rainmaker for two.

Garza ran down and attacked Rush and Burch for the disqualification. Garza hit the Wing Clipper on Rush and smugly looked satisfied with himself. Garza grabbed the Cruiserweight title belt and used it to gaze at his own reflection. What an ungodly bad finish to the match.