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WWE 205 Live results: Six-man tag main event

Tony Nese started the show talking with Oney Lorcan & Jack Gallagher about wanting to take back the Cruiserweight title from Drew Gulak and them needing to defeat Gulak, Ariya Daivari & Mike Kanellis tonight.

Gallagher said he looks forward to beating up Mike, while Lorcan yelled awkwardly in an almost buffoonish manner about beating up Daivari and giving him more stitches.

Vic Joseph hyped that we have a double main event this week. Is that really a thing for a show that usually has two actual matches and a squash?

The Lucha House Party entered for their tornado tag match against The Singh Brothers. The Singhs carried their Bollywood award and danced while Nigel McGuinness talked about game recognizing game and The Rock accepting an award from The Singhs on Twitter.

The Lucha House Party (Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado w/ Kalisto) defeated The Singh Brothers in a tornado tag match

Metalik and Sunil Singh started off with some nice dropkicks and then a double hip toss. Dorado landed a moonsault block on Samir Singh, then the LHP hit a wheelbarrow double team bulldog for two.

The Singhs rebounded and stomped a mudhole into Metalik in the corner. Metalik hit a sloppy inverted slingblade before eating a Demolition Decapitation for two. Dorado made the save and worked over Samir and hit a Golden Rewind on Sunil.

The LHP members hit opposite rope dives. The Singhs got their award and Kalisto grabbed it, leading to a superkick party in the corner and a Metalik Driver before Metalik hit a rope-walk elbow and Dorado hit a Shooting Star Press to win.

A highlight reel aired for Humberto Carrillo to try and get him over. It was fine, but it takes more than just doing flashy moves to make someone care. They have time to show clips and instead of commentary over them, tell a bit about his life story so he comes off as a fleshed-out person instead of a generic pretty boy.

Sarah Schreiber interviewed Mike Kanellis. Schreiber discussed everything that unfolded between Mike and Maria on Raw, and Mike said he and Maria aren't talking right now. Mike said he's not disappointed in himself, he's disappointed with Drake Maverick for not giving him the matches he deserves. Mike said Maverick will pay for the damage he did to Mike's family.

The faces entered for the main event, Tony Nese did his usual spiel -- only instead of focusing on his abs, he talked about how they're going to win tonight and he's going to take the Cruiserweight title back from Gulak at Extreme Rules.

Tony Nese, Oney Lorcan & Jack Gallagher defeated WWE Cruiserweight Champion Drew Gulak, Ariya Daivari & Mike Kanellis

Gulak started off with Nese before tagging Mike in. Gallagher rolled himself into a ball and extended a hand to Mike, who fell for it.

Lorcan came in and chopped away at Mike in the corner before Mike responded and they just chopped the hell out of each other. This works -- it gets Mike over for doing something physical instead of being known in WWE for either doing nothing, or being buried. Maria was shown watching the match backstage.

Daivari came in and landed a series of punches on the mat before eating some chops. Gulak came in and hit a double suplex with Daivari for two.

Nese hit knees to everyone and covered Daivari for two. He knocked Daivari down and brawled with Gulak a bit, but he went for the double-jump moonsault with Gulak right there. And since Gulak isn't an idiot, Gulak tossed him over the top and Nese landed on his partners. 

Gulak worked the arm and then turned it into a cover for two. He then hit a massive lariat to Nese for two. Daivari came in, hit a corner lariat, and tossed Nese into the heel corner so he could get beaten up a bit more.

Daivari hit an iconoclasm off of Gulak's shoulders for two. A brawl broke out and Gulak got a spinning toe hold. Lorcan tagged in and ran wild on Daivari with chops, punches, and corner back elbows. A running blockbuster got two. 

Gallagher and Daivari went at it. Gallagher wanted a back suplex off the top, but that got nixed. Daivari dove off the top to the floor on everyone, then Nese hit a Fosbury Flop onto the pile.

Gallagher grabbed the umbrella and did the Marry Poppins dive. Well, I could've done without ever seeing that again. Daivari ate a big elbow off the top from Gallagher, but Gulak saved him at two. Lorcan chopped the daylights out of Daivari on the floor before they brawled to the back. 

Gulak went for a rolling elbow, but Gallagher headbutted him and that took him down. Nese tagged in and Mike superkicked him for two. Mike went for the Cross Rhodes, but Nese hit the Dudebuster (now called the Sunset Driver) for the win.

Gulak jumped Nese immediately after. So after this 20-plus minute match, the result meant nothing. Everyone brawled for a bit until the episode went off the air. I liked the little touch of having the announcers hop the rail to show how crazy this all was, but they really deflated the finish with the post-match brawl.